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"Will be Armed With Winchester Rifles for Self Defense"


Mob Attacks Marshall-Field Teamsters—Driver
Shoots Four Strikers -Situation Serious

It is Said That Non-Union Drivers Will be Armed WithWinchester Rifles for Self Defense

  Chicago, May 2.—The strike situation today is no brighter. The teamsters are in a surly mood at the failure of peace negotiations yesterday and also at many other features which are against their interests. The result was much rioting in the streets today, not with standing the fact that over 1,000 police are stationed in the wholesale "down town" district and a thousand more are held in readiness.
  The most serious affair was late this afternoon when a Marshall Field & Co. caravan was attacked by a mob at Fifth avenue and Adams street in which all the drivers are negroes. One drew a revolver and fired six shots and brought down four men in the mob, two seriously hurt. The strike sympathizers also made use of revolvers and again resorted tothrowing eggshells filled with carbolic acid. In two instances near the freight depots, two horses were hamstrung, themiscreants escaping.
  The employers association is increasing its independent teaming concern and brought in "Strike-breaker" Curry from St. Louis today with nearly 1,000 negro, Greek and Italian strike-breakers.
  It is openly announced that all nonunion drivers will be furnished tomorrow with Winchester rifles. The authorities were consulted and it was declared that under the law a man has a right to bear arms to protect his life, limb and liberty, provided he does not infringe on the concealment statute. This is another blow to the teamsters, who tonight are very angry.  Many conferences were going on at a late hour and it is possible some line of settlement may be reached tomorrow, but the prospects are not promising.

- Bismark Daily Tribune. Bismark, North Dakota, Tuesday, May 2, 1905. Pg. 1

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