Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yet another example of U.S. Government hypocrisy...

U.S. Marines
Land With Allies
At Vladivostok
[Ed. Note: This is in RUSSIA]
[By The Associated Press]

   HARBIN, April 5.--American marines have been landed at Vladivostok, as well as British and Japanese forces, according to advices from that place. The Americans are in control of the docks, while the Japanese are guarding the railway and ammunition depots.

   Refugees reaching Harbin from Blagovestchensk give details of recent disorders in that city. The trouble arose as a result of an attempt by the Bolsheviki to disarm the Japanese, who had armed for self-defence. During the first day of the trouble General Koshevnikoff, commanding a few Cossacks, aided the Japanese and repulsed the Bolsheviki, but the latter, reinforced by Red Guards, overcame the defenders of the city. Several buildings were looted and burned, including the leading stores, after which the others were sealed and proclaimed community property.

   Armed farmers, hearing of the situation, came into the city and forced the Red Guards to yield. A second orgy of pillage ensued. General Koshevnikoff lost 100 killed, including eight Japanese and two Chinese. Between 200 and 300 non-combatants are reported to have been slain. The refugees obtained 8,000,000 rubles of the Imperial Bank funds, which they are bringing to Harbin.

- New York Tribune, Friday, April 12, 1918. Vol. LXXVIII No. 26,080 Pg. 1.

   What kind of sick and despicable government would send its armed forces into danger because foreigners were being disarmed. And then turn around and disarm/attempt to disarm its OWN people? The depth of hypocrisy and depravity exhibited by our government is sickening....

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