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"too much discharging of firearms within the city limits...."

[The Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Tuesday Evening, April 16, 1907. Volume 4. Number 302 Pg. 1]

"...because of his frequent display of firearms..."

...The fight over the new town-site of Spooner is a famous one in northern Minnesota and has been in the courts for the last year. Spooner, which is located on the Rainy river about a mile from Baudette, is situated upon land claimed by the Spooner townsite company and was entered by that company under the townsite law. The land was also claimed as a homestead by Matt Gannon. The feeling between the two factions at Spooner and Baudette has been intensely bitter, but at the election last spring Gannon was elected chairman of the township of Spooner and was afterwards known as the "mayor of Spooner."

   His re election increased the bitterness of the fight, which in the past has had several chapters in which gun plays figured, and Saturday morning the two factions came together. It is claimed that Gannon was the first man to draw a gun.

   Gannon has many old acquaintances in Bemidji and they tell of a large number of scrapes that he has been mixed up in. While running the Sherman house at Crookston a number of years ago, Gannon shot his clerk, Chas. Johnson, in the leg. He was tried for assault with a deadly weapon but was acquitted. It is also claimed that he served a year and a half at the Wisconsin penitentiary at Waupan. He was mayor of Cass Lake several years ago and got mixed up in a townsite fight there.

   Gannon came to Bemidji in 1898 and opened a gambling room. He remained here for about a year and took a prominent part in village politics. It is claimed that he managed the first campaign for one of the candidates for president of the council. While in Bemidji be made quite a few friends, but he was disliked by a large majority of the citizens because of his frequent display of firearms. He was a well known character over all of northern Minnesota. He was a typical frontiersman of the rougher type and always carried a gun. It is claimed that he was backed in his townsite fight at Spooner by the Backus-Brooks interests.

   He was married while a resident of Crookston and leaves a wife and three children.

[The Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Tuesday, April 11, 1905. Volume 2. Number 291 Pg. 4]
   Sounds like a few of our current politicians, doesn't it? [And of course the unconstitutional laws that they pass never apply to them.] Notice how Mr. Gannon was able to keep and bear arms after serving his time in prison? Because that is exactly what was intended by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

"Two young men who were careless with firearms...."

[The Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Monday, August 15, 1904. Volume 2. Number 100. Pg. 2]

"who shoot at anything their fancy may like...."

[The Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Thursday Evening, October 24, 1907. Volume 5. Number 158. Pg. 1]

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"who take away all revolvers and knives and give each a check..."

[The Columbus Courier, Columbus, Luna County, New Mexico, January 01, 1915. Vol. IV. No. 29 Pg. 5]

"parents who intrust firearms to sons who have not reached the age of maturity..."

[The Hawaiian Star, Honolulu, Hawaii, Tuesday, December 24, 1907. SECOND EDITION, Vol. XV. No. 4911 Pg. 3]

"Attorney General Peeples* . . . did not warrant his having the pistol at the time"

[Edgefield Advertiser, Edgefield, S.C., Wednesday, December 10, 1913. Vol. 78. No. 34. Pg. 4]

* - Thomas Hay Peeples (1881-1954) — Democrat, Lawyer, Freemason, Odd Fellows, Elks, Eagles. He was the Chief Counsel for the U.S. War Department Board of Appraisers; Commissioned U.S. Major Judge Advocate, April 24, 1919; South Carolina Attorney General, 1913-1919; South Carolina State House of Representatives, 1911-1912.

"but few people care to take part in prosecutions of this kind"

Change Pistol Law.

[Columbia Record.]

   Representative A. D. McFaddin, of this county, will at the next session of the Legislature call for the consideration of an important amendment to the pistol law of this State. The amendment was introduced by its title last year, but on account of the fact that it was near the end of the session was continued.

   The bill makes it necessary for every dealer in firearms to keep a record of the pistols sold. The dealer must also make a record of the purchaser of the weapon with a description of him or her as the case may be, and the purchaser must not transfer the weapon to some one else without notifying the dealer from whom the purchase was made.

   Mr. McFadden says that while the amendment would do away with the Cooper law, which requires a pistol to be at least twenty inches in length, he believes it would put a stop to many dealers selling pistols of illegal length. The dealer would be required to take out a regular license and be under a heavy bond for the performance of the feature of the law.

   Mr. McFaddin says that he has it from good authority that there were a number of parties in the city selling pistols not up to the length and that one man had told him that he had done nothing but sell pistols for the past two weeks. Of course this can be stopped, but few people care to take part in prosecutions of this kind, and as a result the business goes right on.

[Keowee Courier, Walhalla, South Carolina, November 8, 1905. New Series, No. 894.--Volume LV.--No. 45. Pg. 2]

"Revolvers And Pistols. Reliable Makes retailing from $3.50 up, cut to $2.50 up...."

[The Washington Times, Washington, [D.C.] Sunday Evening, October 20, 1912. Number 7608. Pg. 19]

"If you are looking for a suitable present for the boy...."

[The Salt Lake Herald-Republican, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday, December 12, 1909. Vol. 16, No. 15. Section Three, Pg. 8]

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"Wonder how Aiken women carry their firearms...."

[Edgefield Advertiser, Edgefield, S.C., Wednesday, December 15, 1909. Vol. 74. No. 42. Pg. 6]

"Prohibiting The Sale Of Firearms To Minors Under The Age Of 16 Years"

[Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, Wednesday, May 07, 1913. 2:30 Edition, Pg. 13]

"the best way to curtail careless or vicious shooting was to STOP ISSUING LIQUOR LICENSES..."

[The Alliance Herald, Alliance, Box Butte County, Nebraska, Thursday, September 21, 1911. Volume XVIII Number 41 Pg. 7]

"Shooting irons, the boys out my way call firearms,"

As to Shooting Irons

   "Shooting irons, the boys out my way call firearms," said Representative Gregg of Texas, "and I never read of a death by this route that I am not reminded of an inscription which can be found on a tombstone in a churchyard in the state of Arkansas. Ii reads:

   "'This stone is sacred to the mem'ry of William Hardy, who came to his death by fooling with a Colt's revolver, one of the old kind, brass mounted, and of such is the kingdom of heaven."

   Representative Johnson of South Carolina, who was a listener, said: "Guess the inscription is all right, but its powerful bad punctuation about as bad as that which makes an inscription read awfully funny on a tombstone in a burial ground in my state, I have never seen it but have been told that it reads:

   "'Erected to the memory of John Dawson, who was accidentally shot as a mark of affection by bis brother.'

   "I told one of my Republican friends about this, and he simply said that we people of South Carolina had peculiar ways of showing our affections."

[Monroe City Democrat, Monroe City, Missouri, Thursday, June 16, 1904. Vol. 17 No. II Pg. 6]

"fined $15 for discharging firearms in the streets of Brainerd"

[New Ulm Review, New Ulm, Brown County, Minn., Wednesday, July 17, 1901. Volume XXIII. No. 29 Pg. 7]

"Iver Johnson Single-barrel Shotguns 12 gauge; 16 gauge, or 44-cal. $6.00 each"

[Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, Saturday, September 25, 1915. 3:30 Edition, Pg. 5]

"and had a right to carry the revolver"

[Albuquerque Citizen, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Monday, May 10, 1909. Volume 24. Number 100 Pg. 8]

"Marlin 16-Guage Shotgun"

[The Guthrie Daily Leader, Guthrie, Oklahoma, Tuesday, May 3, 1904. Volume 23 Number 93 Pg. 3]

"any person to fire off or discharge any pistol, revolver shotgun, rifle, or any firearms whatsoever..."

[The Daily Morning Astorian, Astoria, Oregon, Thursday, February 28, 1889. Vol. XXXII No. 51 Pg. 2]

"Compelling churchgoers to leave their firearms outside."

[The Hartford Herald, Hartford, KY., Wednesday, April 21, 1915. 41st Year. No. 16 Pg. 3]

"Chicago's action stands forth for all...."


   At last the ordinances regulating the sale and use of firearms in Chicago has passed the city council, and Chicago now has the most rigorous regulations in this line of any American city. These ordinances make it well nigh impossible for the irresponsible and lawless to own firearms.

   Chicago's action stands forth for all the praise it is due. The indiscriminate sales of firearms throughout America has given this country a permanent murder standing which is as high as it is regrettable. For the slightest provocation a man shoots, and shoots to kill. Apparently, ever[y] man has a gun when he wants it. There are laws for the restriction of the carrying of concealed weapons, and we would be led to believe that they are pretty generally enforced. But a dispute arises which would end in a dispute or be settled with a fistic encounter at best were both parties unarmed, but they are not. One of them, or both of them, shoots, and thus day after day it is borne in upon us that the kind of man who would shoot upon what he considers sufficient provocation, is usually armed for all occasions. There should be some way of preventing this, and Chicago seems to have found the way.  Also a more rigorous enforcement concerning the sale of firearms would materially lessen the accidental killings as well as the suicides by shooting. A streak of bad luck, a fit of despondency, and the one weary of life buys a gun, and next morning the papers tell the story. It is idle to argue that if existing are disregarded more rigorous ones be as well. Theft continues despite the fact that there are thousands of thieves in jail, to be sure, but the fact of these very same thousands who got caught at it has kept uncounted others from taking the chance.

   There is only one way to reduce the awful harvest of death from the handy gun, and that's to make the man who sold the gun in a measure responsible for the character of the man to whom he sold it. And that is what Chicago proposes to do. Record.

[The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Monday Evening, August 24, 1908. Volume XV Number 75 Pg. 4]

   Oh yeah, Chicago's 'ban' "stands forth" alright. And we see how Chicago set the ignorant example that was emulated by New York City a couple of years later and many more after that. And the above chart shows how the murder rate began to climb immediately after their unconstitutional 'gun control' scheme. Which of course helped to usher in the gangsters who controlled the streets and governments for the next two decades. The same type of gangsters which are still in control of our streets and many of our governments presently.

   The chart above shows an immediate rise in the murder rates right after the Chicago 'gun control' scheme referred to above. It then again spikes during the height of the "gangster" era of the late 1920's/early 1930's. The rates go down just prior to World War Two. And then start a slow climb up after the war up until 1968, when the national Gun Control Act was passed. We then see a HUGE spike in the murder rates in Chicago. As well as in the rest of the nation. A trend which continued all the way up until 1992. At which time overall crime rates  starting leveling, and even falling. Of interest, is that during this same period of time, firearms sales were climbing.

   The rising in awareness among American citizens of the truth concerning our right to keep and bear arms. As well as our inalienable natural right to armed self-defense. Also played a huge role in turning the tide against those who were attempting to betray We The People by severely restricting, if not outright destroying our right secured by the 2nd amendment. Largely due to the tireless efforts of individuals and organizations such as: Clayton Cramer, David Codrea, Gun Owners of America, Stephen P. Halbrook, David Hardy, Don Kates, David Kopel, John Lott, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the Second Amendment Foundation, and many others.

   The new Harvard study; “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” blows most of the 'gun control' advocates arguments right out of the water. This study confirms Mr. John Lott's assertions in his book "More Guns, Less Crime", now in its third edition, most conclusively.

   It is quite obvious that the long, concerted efforts of those that sought to betray We The People. Have resulted in the deaths of tens if not hundreds of thousands. Whether it was done out of ignorance, or for more sinister reasons remains to be seen. But one thing is very clear; ALL of the perversions enacted against our Constitutionally secured right MUST be overturned. And the right of the People to Keep and Bear arms restored to the original intent of 1791.

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Gross ineptitude of the Treasonous kind....


   San Francisco, March 19.--In case of war with Japan, 100,000 Japs in the Pacific coast states are ready to fight for the mikado at the drop of the hat.

   This is almost twice the numercial strength of the enlisted personnel of the United States army.

   Almont every man of them is trained in military tactics. Most or them are veterans of the Chinese and Russian wars.

   Fearless, alert, industrious as so many ants, they would comprise a formidable force to aggravate the situation on the slope, pending the arrival of the mikado's ships to batter the coast cities.

   Has the mikado been carrying on for years a cleverly planned systematic invation of tho Pacific coast? It would certainly seem so. Japs have slipped in by the score heretofore; now they are coming by thousands.

   Moreover there are 25,000 in British Columbia, 20,000 in Mexico. These could all be depended upon by the mikado.

   During the exciting days following the recent anti-Japanese riots in Vancouver, it developed that the Japs had perfected a military organization. It is claimed that such a condition exists wherever any number of Japs congregate.

   The night following the first big Vancouver riot two white men became involved in a quarrel near the Jap quarter, leading the Japs to anticipate a renewal of hostilities.

   Instantly a shrill bugle call sounded from the window of a Jap shoe-maker's shop. Brown little Japs swarmed from the buildings and lined up in military array in the entrances of all the streets penetrating the quarter. The order was perfect. They dispersed at another signal the moment the truth was learned.

   The question naturally arises, are the Japs in the United States organized, and have they arms secreted for an uprising in the event of war with Japan?

   All Japanese are intensely patriotic. They are trained in the art of war from childhood. At 6 they are taught to march and counter-march in the public schools. At 12 they are instructed in full military tactics; at 15 in the use of firearms. Every Jap reports at intervals to some officer in his colony.

   With a force of 150,000 Japs on the Pacific slope at the outbreak of hostilities Japan would be in an excellent position to hamper us seriously. Incalculable damage might be done by the blowing up of rail-road tracks and bridges. These operations might be extended to the dry docks and fortifications.

   No more serious attack could be made than a successful one against the dry docks. Railroad bridges could be rebuilt in short order, fortifications could be renewed, but any extensive damage to the dry docks would be well night fatal to our cause.

   There are but two navy yards on the Pacific coast. One at Mare Island and in the San Pablo bay, California, the other at Bremerton, on Port Orchard bay, an offshoot of Puget Sound. Both are Wholly inadequate for war time needs. [Ed. note: Not to mention Pearl Harbor, which was known by our government to be of vital strategic importance as early as 1865.]

   Mare Island navy yards, equipped at a cost of $7,000,000, is regarded by navy officials as a joke. The docks will not accommodate the larger battleships. At Bremerton are facilities for accommodating only one of the largest battleships at a time.

   Every battleship seriously crippled would have to go out of commission while awaiting Its turn for repairs. Frequently repairs on one ship require six months time. The situation is easily comprehended.

   The paramount need of the navy today is more naval base capacity on the Pacific coast.

[The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Friday Evening, March 20, 1908. Volume XIV Number 253 Pg. 6]
   Considering all of the evidence:
Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical....

   The only conclusion that can possibly be arrived at. Is that, not only is our government totally historically ignorant. But, deliberately and treasonously inept. All one has to consider in order to ascertain the validity of these contentions. Is that they are still allowing our borders to be left wide open. Have actually armed our avowed enemies, while disarming/restricting American citizens Constitutionally secured right to arms. Created a massive, unpayable debt to a communist country that has publicly stated their hatred for us. As well as their determination to destroy our freedom and liberty. And be absorbed into their perverse communist-socialist collective hive.

   It is becoming quite clear that We The People need to take heed of the words of our forebears; "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness...."--Declaration of Independence.

   Or, we can continue to allow ourselves to be ruled by treasonous tyrants. Until they finally succeed in their goal of the total destruction of freedom and liberty. The choice is up to us. Don't know about you, but I'm inclined to follow the advice of one of our more famous early American patriots: "What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"--Patrick Henry.
   "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it,"--George Santayana, "Reason in Common Sense", the first volume of "The Life of Reason". [DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC. NEW YORK. The Dover edition, first published in 1980, is an unabridged republication of volume one of The Life of Reason; or the Phases of Human Progress, originally published by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1905.]

Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical federal government revisited....


China Is Purchasing immense Quan-
tities of Modern Firearms.

   Washington. Mar. 17. This government was brought close to a realization of the "yellow peril" by official information today that China is purchasing vast quantities of modern firearms. The fear expressed in many quarters that once the Chinese have modern breech-loading rifles in their hands they will realize the immense power of their four hundred millions and will give vent to their natural hatred of foreigners.

   The advices which caused the state department officials more uneasiness than they would admit was contained in a report of the department of commerce and labor from United States Consul B.H. Warner at Leipzig, Germany, which says:

   "The Waffenfabrik at Steyr, Austria, has just received an order through a Berlin house for a large number of small arms for the Chinese government. Such a quantity of rifles has been ordered that it will take the Steyr factory several years to fill the same, even with the additional force of men to whom it has recently given employment."

[The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Ind. Ter., Friday Evening, March 18, 1904. Volume XI. Number 112 Pg. 1]
   Just another prime example of our Deaf, dumb, blind AND hypocritical U.S. government. Especially after taking into considering the treason later committed by our government from the Nixon to the Clinton administrations....

"The sale of firearms in the city has been stopped...."


Officers Fear Lynching
of Men Who Murdered


Colored People Warned
To Keep Off City

   WILMINGTON, Delaware, No 14.--Fearing enraged citizens might attempt to lynch three negroes charged with murdering one policeman and probably mortally wounding another in Wilmington police last night rushed the prisoners to Philadelphia.

   The negroes Lemuel, James and John Price, brothers, are being held in Central police station.

   Wilmington is quiet today. Police have been instructed to prevent the assemblage of crowds. Rifles and a machine gun are at police headquarters.

   The sale of firearms in the city has been stopped and negroes have been warned to keep off the streets.

   The murdered policeman was Thomas L. Zebley. Harry F. Pierce, the wounded policeman, was shot three times and is not expected to live. The shooting occurred when the two patrolmen went to the Price home to investigate the stealing last week of scores of guns from a gun store. The guns had been pawned in the city.

[The Ogden Standard, Ogden City, Utah, Friday Evening, November 14, 1919. Forty-ninth Year--No. 272. Pg. 1]

"Assessed value . . . personal property . . . firearms..."

[The North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune, North Platte, Neb. August 1, 1919. Thirty-Fifth Year. No. 58 Pg. 1]

   I'll venture to bet that all firearms were not reported for assessment. Especially since the mail-order business in firearms from catalogs was very large at that period in history....

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"and several citizens with shotguns were given a shower of bullets"







Annandale, Minn., Oct. 4.-- Sheriff W.G. Young and Deputy John Nugent were called to South Haven on the noon train to arrest a supposed gang of hobos whom it was supposed had committed some pilfering in the vicinity. Entering the car in which the gang were making their home Sheriff Young said:

   "Gentlemen, you are under arrest,"
   "What for?" said the leader.
   "Robbing a store" at Annandale," replied the sheriff.
   "Wait till we finish cur dinner," said the leader.
   "No. we will give you dinner at the hotel," replied the sheriff.
   The next thing heard by the sheriff and deputy was
"Get Out of the Car,"
and six wicked looking Colt revolvers were pointed at them.

   A general melee followed, and the officers were tumbled out and surrounded by the gang. They were forced to back up against the elevator wall and hold up their hands. Sheriff Young, Deputy Nugent and R. Requardt, constable, were then relieved of their firearms and handcuffs. Sheriff Young turned his head while holding up his hands and the leader shot at him, grazing his cheek and making him deaf in the left ear. People from the town began to gather and
The Six Ruffians Ran
down the railway track. County Attorney Cutting, who accompanied the sheriff to hold trial, fired on them with a small revolver, and several citizens with shotguns were given a shower of bullets that stopped pursuit.

   Not a rifle was to be had in the town and the call for help was telephoned to Annandale. Four or five team loads of citizens started at once for the scene and many others followed soon. The fugitives were finally located in a quarter-section of timber near the Bryant resort, and when sufficient help had arrived the sheriff with a posse of a dozen men closed In and came upon the gang sitting in a circle ready for battle. Deputy Nugent who was ahead, exclaimed, "here they are," and the posse was greeted with a
Volley From Revolvers.
Nugent shouted, "Shoot to kill, boys," and the contents of a dozen shotguns replied. It was seen that the whole six were knocked down, and they were ordered to stand up, but only two, who had thrown themselves to the ground, were able to rise. The leader died in a few minutes and another was mortally wounded, two others were filled with shot and the other two were only slightly wounded.

   They were taken to South Haven and cared for and then taken to Buffalo on the evening train. In the car where they were living some dynamite and several railroad torpedoes were discovered. It is thought here that some other crimes previously committed must have been the cause of their desperate actions.

[The Daily Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Monday, October 05, 1903. Volume 1. Number 141. Pg. 3]

"Ask For The Red W Brand."

[The North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune, North Platte, Neb., October 14, 1913. Twenty-Eighth Year No. 76 Pg. 7]

"to take advantage of the government's offer to supply high school rifle clubs with guns, ammunition..."


Organization Encouraged By National Guard

Students Will Meet Thursday Evening With
Company B to Take Definite Action.

   Plans for the organization of a rifle club to be composed of students of the Phoenix high school may be consummated Thursday evening. All the high school boys who are interested in the proposed club have been invited to meet on that evening with company B, N.G.A., in its armory at the city hall.

   Captain Earl W. Hill of Company B started the movement for a rifle club at the high school. He has talked over the matter with a number of the students and is certain that there will be no trouble in obtaining enough members to take advantage of the government's offer to supply high school rifle clubs with guns, ammunition and other equipment. The senior students seem to be particularly enthusiastic.

   One of the laws recently passed by congress provides that any high school may organize a rifle team of not less than twenty members and be equipped at government expense. Such clubs are supplied with Krag Jorgenson rifles of the type used by the regular army and the national guard before the new Springfields were issued. It is also provided that the school boys shall have the privilege of using any national guard rifle range in their vicinity.

   This law was passed in conformity with the general sentiment prevailing throughout the country that the boys and young men of America should be taught the use of firearms, that they may be better equipped to fight for their country in time of need. During the last few years rifle practice has been taken up by the regular army, national guard, navy and private citizens with a zest and ardor never before approached. Rifle and gun clubs have been formed all over the country.

   Army and' national guard officers were mainly responsible for the passage of the bill to promote rifle practice among high school students. Schools all over the country are taking advantage of it. The Tucson high school is now organizing a club and Captain Hill believes that it is time the Phoenix students did so. The guns and other equipment can be had for the asking and there is no reason why they should not be secured and used. Captain Hill and other national guard officers will coach and assist the club in every way.

   The club will work in harmony with the national guardsmen, using their range east of the city. It is hoped that later on the club will supply some valuable material for the national guard companies. Those who have had rifle practice are worth much more in the national guard than one who knows nothing about a gun.

   Company B will turn out in force Thursday evening, which is its regular drill night, and give the high school boys a good time and encourage them in their ambition to learn how to shoot a rifle.

[The Arizona Republican, Thursday Morning, December 01, 1910. SECTION TWO, Vol. XXI. No. 193. Pg. 6]
   It would be a safe bet that school shootings were not a problem back then. Knowing this, our perverse government then turned them into 'gun free zones'....

"while the men are sleeping by their firearms"

[The Bisbee Daily Review, Bisbee, Arizona, Tuesday Morning, February 20, 1917. Vol. 19. No. 220. Pg. 1]

"Gentlmen participating will be requested to leave their firearms in the hall."

[The Spokane Press, Spokane, Washington, Saturday, December 26, 1908. Seventh Year, No. 42. Pg. 8]

"The wholesale discharge of firearms breaks the peace of the Sabbath..."

[The Vermont Watchman, Montpelier, Vermont, Thursday, April 15, 1909. Vol 103 Number 15 Pg. 4]

"providing for a tax of $1 annually on resident gunners. This would make the detection of aliens easy...."

[The Columbian, Bloomsburg, PA., Thursday, January 31, 1907. Vol. 42. No. 5. Pg. 5]

"Mr. Bryan maintained a small-sized arsenal . . . Democratic leader..."

[The Washington Times, Washington, [D.C.] Thursday Evening, September 17, 1908. Number 6098, Pg. 1]

   And if Mr. Bryan was a typical 'democrat', he probably argued for 'gun control'. How cowardly is that? Well armed yourself, while crying out to have others restricted or disarmed?

"a number of youg boys of the town are carrying firearms..."

[The Newport Miner, Newport, Pend Oreille County, Washington, Thursday, July 04, 1912. Volume XII Number 8 Pg. 5]

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Ty Cobb And Many Other Players Are Fond Of The Gun"

[El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, Tuesday Evening, December 25, 1917, CHRISTMAS EDITION, Pg. 5]

"Hardin is said to be a deputy sheriff from Kent county..."

[El Paso Daily Herald, El Paso, Texas, Thursday, December 20, 1900. Last Edition 4:30 p.m., 20th Year, No. 30 Pg. 3]

"Here's the best-made .22 rifle in the world!"

[The Fulton County News, McConnellsburg, PA., September 30, 1915. Volume 17 Number 2 Pg. 5]

"We're Selling Lots of Rifles These Days"

[Arizona Republican, Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday, June 09, 1906. Vol. XVII. No. 18 Pg. 4]

"Judge J.M. Phillips will contest the law passed by the last legislature which prohibits aliens from carrying firearms..."

[Aberdeen Herald, Aberdeen, Washington, Monday, August 28, 1911. Vol. XXV. Number 96 Pg. 5]

"Parents who allow their boys the use of firearms...."

[Aberdeen Herald, Aberdeen, Washington, April 25, 1910. Volume XXIV Number 66 Pg. 4]

"If you are going to buy that boy a useful Christmas present, get him a good Rifle or Shotgun"

[Rogue River Courier, Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon, Friday, December 08, 1911. Vol. XXVII. No. 35 Pg. 3]

"licenses for the possession of firearms must be renewed, under penalty of death for violation"

[New-York Tribune, New York, [N.Y.] Friday, June 14, 1918. Vol. LXXVIII No. 26,143 Pg. 5]

"The New Model No. 24 Marlin Repeating Shotgun"

[New-York Tribune, New-York, [City] August 02, 1908. Sunday Magazine, Vol. LXVIII....No. 22,540. Pg. 18]