Friday, August 23, 2013

"An alien enemy shall not have in his possession, at any time or place, any fire-arms"



   On the sixth day of April A. D., 1917, Woodrow Wilson. President of the United States, issued a proclamation which reads in part as follows:

   (1) An alien enemy shall not have in his possession, at any time or place, any fire-arms, weapon or implement of war, or component past thereof, ammunition, maxim or other silencer, bomb or explosive or material used in the manufacture of explosives;

   (2) An alien enemy shall not have in his possession at any time or place, or use or operate any aircraft or wireless apparatus, or any form of signalling device, or any form or cipher code, or any paper, document or book written or printed in cipher or in which there may be invisible writing;

   (3) All property found in the possession or an alien enemy in violation of the foregoing regulations shall be subject to seizure by the United States.

   That pursuant to the above all persons subject thereto, which includes all persons owing allegiance to the Emperor of Germany, shall forthwith and within forty-eight (48) hours hereafter deliver to the undersigned United Slates Marshal, or to persons duly authorized by him to receive the same, all articles included in the above.

   That in those parts of the Territory, other than the Island of Oahu, the time of delivery is hereby extended to Saturday, April 28th, 1917, and all of the last named islands the several sheriffs are authorized to receive and receipt for said property on behalf of the undersigned.

   WITNESS my hand this 19th day of April A. D., 1917.

   Signed             J. J. SMIDDY,

   United States Marshal for the District and Territory of Hawaii.

[The Maui News, Wailuku, Maui Co., Hawaii, Friday, April 27, 1917. Number 894 Pg. 7]

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