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...And have a full understanding of just why We The People should be "at all times armed".


Caretaker Crushed When He Fondles Cubs--Beast Shot to Death.

   WOODBURY, N.J., May 2.--Lucy, a lioness in the side show of the Cook Brothers Circus, killed John Henry, colored, a circus employee, in her cage during the afternoon performance yesterday. Then she ran into the circus lot, which is only a block from the Gloucester County Court House, and the centre of this town of between 5,000 and 6,000 inhabitants.

   Instantly cries of "A lion is loose!" arose and hundreds of persons who had been enjoying the show began to run about wildly. Ushers tried to restrain tho frantic spectators, but in vain.

   The alarm was carried through the county seat in a few minutes. Mothers ran into houses with their children and bolted their doors. Stores were closed. Teachers were notified not to allow any pupils to leave until the lioness had been captured or killed.

   Meanwhile, farmers and others gathered up guns and revolvers and hurried toward the Manly Lot, where the circus tents were pitched.

   George Henderson, a schoolboy, was one of those who escaped from the big tent by diving under the canvas. He met the lioness, which was diverted from him by a shotgun in the hands of a circus employee.

   William Milter, a cowboy with the circus, and a marksman, finally brought down the lioness after she had hidden in a nearby brush. He pumped eight bullets into her body before she dropped. Then he continued to shoot.

   Other circus employees had been discharging shotguns, rifles and revolvers, and it was estimated that 100 shots were fired. With the sound of exploding firearms, and the shouts and yells of the frightened people were mingled the roars of the other wild beasts of the circus.

[The Evening World, New York, May 02, 1919. Final Edition, Pg. 5]
   How would the treasonous ones that have screamed out for removal of our "inalienable" natural right feel. If it was one of their loved ones being torn apart by an animal. And, everybody within sight just ran, or stood by and watched? Do you inconsiderate and short-sighted people have any idea what it is you are really asking for?

   What you cowards are really crying and whimpering for. Is to have all of We The People defenseless against the predatory animals of this world. And by predatory animals, I'm not just talking about those that walk on four legs. No, the predatory animals that walk upright on two legs are far more dangerous and lethal. For it is that variety of predatory animal which has caused far more maiming and death throughout history.

   How many more hundreds, thousands, or even MILLIONS of stark examples do you traitors need? Before it finally hits home, that an unarmed people are nothing more than potential victims. And that leaving all of the means of defense in the hands of those that "govern". Is often the most fatal of mistakes that can possibly be made?

   When will the reality hit, that it is YOU that is responsible for YOUR own personal defense? Just as every other individual in our society is equally responsible for their own defense? That our governments were instituted, in part, for the COMMON defense. And are under NO obligation to provide for the defense of the individual citizen. If you still advocate 'gun control' after having the facts of the matter laid our before you. Then you are worthy of having the lioness being turned loose on you and yours. For perhaps then you would "get it". And have a full understanding of just why We The People should be "at all times armed".

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