Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"I propose to teach young women of Jersey City to shoot and not to be afraid of firearms."

   Rev. John L. Scudder, pastor of the First Congregational church and superintendent of the People's Palace, Jersey, proposes to  teach young woman how to kill burglars. He has built a revolver range at the People's Palace and in discussing its purpose today said: "I propose to teach young women of Jersey City to shoot and not to be afraid of firearms. On that account this will be an unhealthy field for burglars. If a young woman finds a burglar in her home at night she should shoot him. That is what I would do, and I can do it too. I always keep a pistol clost to my bed and if a burglar were to come into my house, I would order him to drop the goods and to throw up his hands. If he did not, I would put a bullet thru him. That is the way young women should act, rather than swoon and then tell all about it to the police." In the People's Palace there are 500 young women members. Among them are the best society folk of Bergen section, which is to Jersey City what Back Bay is to Boston. Here the wealthiest citizens of Hudson county live. Burglars make it their field of operations. Only recently two thieves cleaned up $5,000 worth of jewelry and escaped with the women screaming after them. After a talk on the subject with Joseph Milbank, the philanthropist who erected the $200,000 palace and turned it over to the First Congregational church, Dr. Scudder installed a pistol range, which will be opened officially on Monday.

[The Sunday Journal, Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 31, 1905. Part I, News Section, Pg. 8]

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