Thursday, August 08, 2013

"Indians to Be Deprived of Firearms"

[The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, KY., Thursday, February 19, 1891. Volume X. Number 75. Pg. 1]

   Let's see if we have this right, shall we? First, we come on your land and kick you off of it. Next, we arm you and send you off of your own land to another less desirable. Then, after having assisted us in wars with other tribes and foreign nations. And, after having sold you alcohol in order to destroy your spirit. We now desire to deprive you of the latest means of defense. And this out of the cowardly fear that you might turn the arms on us. And make us pay for the horrendous crimes that we have committed against you. Does that sound about right? But don't feel to bad. For we steal from, kill, and destroy our own people as well. We are equal opportunity destroyers!

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