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"Restriction of manufacture and sale and possession of pocket fire-pieces must come..."

Richard Lloyd Jones says


   Law enforcement is more generally practiced and respected in rural districts and small towns than in the larger cities.

   All the great cities were, by a large majority, opposed to the elimination of the saloon. And yet it was the saloon in the large cities that did the most soul-and body-destroying business.

   But in any place the saloon was at its worst in the big towns. Yet the majority favored its retention and today register protest against prohibition. On the other hand, by a large majority, the small towns and districts favor the laws of decency.

   For this reason the small towns do not today experience, as do larger cities, that which has been termed the crime wave.

   The committee on law enforcement of the American Bar Association, headed by Judge William D. Swaney, of Chattanooga, Tenn., has recommended to the lawyers of the land that a very drastic national law be enacted which will prohibit the promiscuous sale of firearms.

   The committee declares that the pistol serves no special purpose in the community today and that it should not be manufactured except so government and official needs may require under proper legal regulation and control.

   The committee points out that there were nearly 10,000 unlawful homicides in this country last year and that burglaries have increased in the United States 1,200% in the last ten years.

   The committee also maintains that deliberate murder, burglary and robbery will seldom be attempted unless the criminal is armed. It also points out that crime percentages in Europe are very much less, due to the that it is difficult for civilians to acquire firearms and the penalty is severe for carrying them.

   Our big cities are so busy with what they regard as the pressing business of the hour, that they are less likely to weigh the moral worth of an issue than are the smaller towns and rural districts. Therefore, the moral support of a righteous redress against a wrong social tendency comes from the less populated places.

   The big town men too often think they are the big idea builders. That is their big mistake. It is the small towns that both make and save the the big towns.

   It is the small towns and the farmers of the land who put across the big ideas.

   Restriction of manufacture and sale and possession of pocket fire-pieces must come and it is America that will bring it.

[The Herald, Algiers, Louisiana, Thursday, August 31, 1922. Vol. XXX No. 17 Pg. 1]
   Interesting, isn't it? The writer of the above drivel spews it out with no shame whatsoever. One might even say that he is proud of his treasonous ideas.

   What is even more interesting. Is the fact that it was 'gun control' itself that was directly responsible for the vast majority of the crimes the writer bemoaned of. For almost ALL of the big cities with the highest population centers, particularly; Chicago, D.C. and New York. Which had started enacting 'gun control laws' in the late 1800's. And then really started gaining even more perverse and unconstitutional 'control' in the early 1900's. Which was the direct contributing factor to the crime rates shooting up astronomically. For predators will always follow the path of least resistance. And those that are disarmed are by far the easiest prey. Just as it is in our current day. For the facts show that the areas of the country with the most restrictive 'gun control laws' also have the highest rates of crime .

   And then the author holds out Europe as an shining example of how 'gun control' worked over there! Of course without realizing that some of the worst slaughter in the history of mankind was just about to transpire there. Of course not realizing that after England had dumped all of their guns in the sea. America would then turn right around and have to send them our own personal weapons so that they could defend themselves against the Nazi's. And that Herr Hitler, as well as comrades Mao and Stalin would soon disarm their intended victims. And then afterwards go off on the biggest killing sprees ever yet seen in the history of mankind.

   There are some that will say; "There's no way he could have known about that!" To which I would reply; BULLSHIT. The men that framed our Constitution knew ALL about it. And warned us about it REPEATEDLY. It was the main stated reason for securing the right to keep and bear arms. And this against ALL enemies; foreign or domestic.

   The really disturbing thing about all of this. Is that the current advocates are aware of all of the above realities. Yet they STILL cry out for more 'gun control'. In my minds eye, that makes them guilty of treason at a bare minimum. In addition to aiding and abetting in; assault, burglary, murder, rape, robbery and numerous other crimes. Up to and including being culpable in the vast amount of mass shootings that have taken place here in America. For, if all of We The People had been armed as is Constitutionally INTENDED. Then the vast majority of those crimes never would have been committed to begin with. Or, the numbers that were slaughtered would have been dramatically minimized.

   In addition to all of the above. It can reasonably be held out that ALL crime rates would have been reduced. Thus saving our country MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of our hard-earned tax dollars. And the monetary effect can probably be expanded MUCH farther than that. When all of the incidentals are added up. Such as in the expense of the; courts, insurance, medical, police, prisons, etc. Realistically, we could even be talking TRILLIONS of dollars in savings.

   One can almost make the claim that 'gun control' is a racket. That it is perpetrated in order to feed the 'system', or 'beast' if you will. For the 'beast' is the ONLY one that benefits from it. It enables it to grow by [poorly] perceived "necessity", and is self-perpetuating. 'Gun control' is nothing more than criminals, both in and out of government, enriching themselves off the misery of We The People. It MUST be stopped, and rolled back all the way to the original intent of 1791. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to the ultimate destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Not to mention the Freedom and Liberty that the Constitution was designed to SECURE "to ourselves and our Posterity".

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