Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Russia Will Bar Firearms"

[Bismarck Daily Tribune, Bismarck, North Dakota, Tuesday, August 21, 1906. Pg. 1]

   Hmmmm, fire on the people, and then turn around and make sure they can't arm themselves for defense. Yeah, that sounds exactly like what cowardly tyrants do. And is precisely the same thing that many in our treasonous government desire to have done here. And in FACT, our government already HAS done the exact same thing with "striking miners" here in this country. As a couple of articles of this site have shown recently. To Wit:
"And finally the miners had to arm themselves and go to war with guns against the state militia and the Rockefeller gunmen"

"Flanked by 2,000 heavily armed citizens the captives were ordered to march"
"Militia men made a thorough search of the district for forearms..."
"Unless the constitution is kicked to one side--as it always is"

"which only permits responsible citizens to keep or carry firearms after giving the number and description of the weapon and the owners' name and address"
   Interesting how our perverse government has chosen to emulate the Russians in so many instances. Actually, it's more disgusting than interesting....

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