Sunday, August 04, 2013

"That any person or persons having or carrying any pistol or gun...."


   All persons are hereby notified that the law in regard to discharging firearms within the incorporated limits of the village of Yuma, will be strictly enforced.

   Sec. 2 Com. laws provides. That any person or persons having or carrying any pistol or gun, shall, in the public streets or highways, discharge the same indiscriminately, thereby disturbing the peace or quiet and endangering the lives of the inhabitants of any town or neighborhood in this Territory: such person or persons, upon conviction thereof before any justice of the peace, in he county where such offence may be committed shall be fined in any sum not less than ten or more than fifty dollars and imprisoned in the county jail not less than two nor more than ten days, at the discretion of the justice of the peace together with the costs of prosecution.

[The Arizona Sentinel, Yuma, Arizona, Saturday, May 07, 1881. Vol. X. No. 19. Pg. 1]
   My only complaint is that there is no exception in the statute for necessary Self-Defense.

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