Thursday, August 01, 2013

"the right "to bear arms" unmolested"

   The Louisville Democrat says the right "to bear arms" is not derived from the constitution of the United States but the constitution of the Union forbids the Federal Government from any infringement of this right.

   No Legislature can legislate on this subject except as the State constitution give it the liberty and then it is the act of the sovereign himself. The laws that forbid the carrying of deadly weapons concealed in no manner interferes with the right "to bear arms" unmolested. Every citizen can do that as much and as often as he pleases, so long as he pleases "to keep the peace" and respect the "dignity of the commonwealth." But to bear arms does not mean to carry deadly weapon concealed. He who "bears arms" may be observed of all men that he is armed.

[Daily Evening Bulletin, Maysville, [KY.] Tuesday Evening, December 13, 1881. Vol. 1. No. 19. Pg. 2]

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