Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Washington Times fawns over traitor....


Superintendent Pleased Convention Accepted His Idea of
Curbing; Pistol Carriers.

   Heavy fines and prison sentences for narcotic peddlers, and a Federal law prohibiting the purchase, owning or carrying of revolvers without permits from the police departments, were advocated by Major Daniel Sullivan, superintendent of police, at the recent convention of the International Association of Police Chiefs, which was held in San Francisco.

   Major Sullivan returned to his desk at police headquarters this morning and was gratified that the association adopted resolutions, asking members of Congress to pass an act which would give the local police authorities better control over the sale of revolvers.

   Prior to the passage of the resolution, Major Sullivan laid great stress on the fact that it is a simple matter for any one in Washington, while in the heat of passion, to purchase a revolver and immediately thereafter shoot down an enemy or adversary.
Better Control Needed.

   In advocating the measure. Major Sullivan declared that he believed persons should not be prohibited from purchases of firearms for the protection of their homes.

   "But I do believe," said Major Sullivan, "we are In urgent need at this time of a law which would make it necessary for every person who desires to purchase a revolver to make written application to the dealer of firearms and that the dealer should be prohibited by law from delivery of the weapon until a period of at least fifteen days shall have elapsed from date of application.

   This period would give the police department time to inquire into the character of the prospective purchaser and, incidentally, give the prospective purchaser time to lose his fit of passion if he desires to purchase the revolver to harm another."

   Major Sullivan was elated over the action of the association in recommending that the proposed bureau, or rather clearing house for finger prints, photographs and records of thieves and other offenders be located in the Capital. A committee was appointed, of which Major Sullivan was appointed a member, to confer with the view of asking aid of Congress for funds for the establishment of the criminal clearing house.
Thinks His Own Best.

   Washington is not the only city that has the cake eater, according to Major Sullivan. He found a big brood of them on the Pacific coast. While in the Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco Major Sullivan noticed a large group of youths standing about the lobby. He asked the manager what they were waiting for. "Oh, they are cake eaters! Just hang around a minute, the major was told. A few minutes later Peggy Joyce strolled in and the cakes got busy giving her the once over. After Peggy was shot up in the elevator the cakles departed, their faces wreathed in grins. On his return trip to the Capital,

   Major Sullivan, who was dined and feted in San Francisco, said "because he was head of the police department of the National Capital." stopped over in a number of cities to observe police conditions and systems. He says "after looking them all over I have concluded that the Washington police department is second to none."

[The Washington Times, Washington, [D.C.] Monday Evening, July 03, 1922. Number 12,301. HOME FINAL EDITION, Pg. 10]
   How do lower hired servants gain control over the exercise of their MASTERS Constitutional SECURED right? And this, in order for the minion to decide whether or not one of their MASTERS life's worthy of being defended or not? 

   First of all, We The People are the ones that need approached concerning any changes. Then, if we decide it is something WE want done, and if it is within the powers granted in the Constitution. Then, and only then, can our other hired servants in congress enact a law which will hopefully accomplish the desired result. And if it is NOT within the delegated powers of congress, then the matter cannot even be given consideration. Our servants are NOT permitted to make end runs around the Constitution.

   Also, notice how the reporter throws the light off the REAL issue by diverting the readers attention to Peggy Joyce's admirers? Typical side-tracking routine that is still being employed today....

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