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"There is no reason why they should import guns, revolvers or swords secretly...."


   ALLIANCE, Neb., July 9.--To the Editor of THE BEE : I have noted with much alarm and disappointment the stand many papers take upon the Catholic question, and as I am a reader of THE BEE I have read upon different occasions in your paper long and pompous articles of the doings of the Catholics.

   You cannot fall to note if you have kept yourself posted upon the question, what the Catholics are trying to accomplish in this country and will accomplish if American citizens do not do their duty.

   Those who are placed in a position should fight them and will fight them if they wish to promulgate the interest of American citizenship.

   Why is it people are demanding protection from Catholics in different parts of the state? And why is it firearms are being shipped in to Catholics all ever the state labeled "groceries," "fruit," etc.? And why is it that newspapers do not make mention of this fact and other facts equally alarming regarding Catholic aggression?

   These facts present a very dubious aspect to the people, for we cannot fail to foresee what will inevitably be the result if American citizens do not prove themselves loyal to America and its institutions.

   Oh, that I had the power to wield an influence against them that newspapers and many others have.

   Their belief and creed is a complete defiance and menace to our constitution, and every man who is a loyal citizen will fight them.

   Many keep still through fear, for they are a dangerous class to fight, for they will stoop to anything to accomplish their purpose, and this fact alone should be enough to arouse the people to their danger now, before it is too late.

   Does anyone know what this command to Catholics, through Catholic papers, means: "To be ready for action on the 23d of August, 1893." Let us hope and pray and act that it may not mean a second St. Bartholomew's massacre.

   Smile, you unbelieving. Verily, the time is coming. If it is not the 23d of August it will come later if something is not done to check Catholic aggression in this country. Mrs. J.B.

   THE BEE does not hesitate to assure this particular subscriber and all others that may be in a similar state of suspense and alarm that there is no danger whatever of a Catholic uprising, either on the 23d of August or any other time. We regard the stories about the importation of firearms billed as groceries, fruit and coffins as a fiction without the remotest shadow of substance. It is too preposterous to receive the credence of any thoughtful man or woman.

   In the first place, there is nothing to prevent Catholics from buying firearms open and above board. There is no reason why they should import guns, revolvers or swords secretly. In the next place, if a religious war should really break out in Nebraska the Catholics would stand no show as against protestants. There are fully eleven protestants and non-Catholics to every Roman Catholic in Nebraska. And oven if such a thing as overpowering 1,000,000, people by 100,000 was possible, the Catholics would be exterminated by the overwhelming numbers of non-Catholics that would pour into Nebraska from other sections of the country. At any rate, no rational man or woman would assume that the 10,000,000, Catholics in the United States would dare array themselves in arms against 53,000,000 non-Catholics. Another palpable fact is that the Catholics would scarcely jeopardize their own lives and fortunes in a conflict that must terminate fatally, as it always has where the odds in numbers and resources are on one side. "The Lord always fights with the battalions" is an old adage.

   Right here we desire also to state that THE BEE is a secular newspaper. It does not engage in religious controversies on its own account. It will always print the news, whether it comes from St. Peter's or St. Paul. If any body knows where and when firearms have been imported secretly into this stats by Catholics or by Protestants we will publish the fact. Until we do have such information
from a reliable source we shall trout the reports of an impending uprising us a bugbear.

[The Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha, Tuesday Morning, July 11, 1893. Pg. 4]

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