Sunday, August 04, 2013

"They will all bear arms, live inside a gatling gun equipped stockade..."



They Will Replace the Americans Who
Are Now on Strike for Living Wages--
Gatling Guns n Stockades--Will be Used
to Protect the Celestials

   Chicago, November 8.-- The Times Herald says Chinese coal miners are to take the place of Americans in the Northern Illinois district. An attempt will be made to break the strike that exists and eight bundled skilled Chinamen have been picked for the work. They will all bear arms, live inside a gatling gun equipped stockade and be body-guarded by one hundred former Chicago policemen.

   An agent of the Chinese Six Companies was in Chicago last week and made a contract with the general manager of the Wilmington Coal company to deliver the eight hundred Chinamen at the mines of tho Wilmlngton-Braidwood district mines. The first consignment of two hundred will arrive next Tuesday and the others will be on hand as soon as provisions can be made to take care of them. Arrangements for one thousand additional Chinese miners have been concluded. Elaborate preparations have been completed to take care of the first eight hundred Chinamen and to give them ample protection.

[Shiner Gazette, Shiner, LaVaca County, Texas, Wednesday Morning, November 10, 1897. Vol. 5. No. 24. Pg. 2]
   The Chinese will be baring arms? And this while many of the striking miners around the nation had been unconstitutionally disarmed by many of the State, and the federal government?

   Call it what you will, but in my mind this is nothing more than treason. Both by the business that perpetrated it, and by the government that allowed them to do it. For this type of treasonous activity is why our country is in the position it is today. This is just another prime example of our government bowing to 'mammon'. Rather than taking the Constitutionally charged "General Welfare" into the utmost consideration. Our freedom, liberty, and whole country has been destroyed by the greed of a few.

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