Monday, August 26, 2013

"to take advantage of the government's offer to supply high school rifle clubs with guns, ammunition..."


Organization Encouraged By National Guard

Students Will Meet Thursday Evening With
Company B to Take Definite Action.

   Plans for the organization of a rifle club to be composed of students of the Phoenix high school may be consummated Thursday evening. All the high school boys who are interested in the proposed club have been invited to meet on that evening with company B, N.G.A., in its armory at the city hall.

   Captain Earl W. Hill of Company B started the movement for a rifle club at the high school. He has talked over the matter with a number of the students and is certain that there will be no trouble in obtaining enough members to take advantage of the government's offer to supply high school rifle clubs with guns, ammunition and other equipment. The senior students seem to be particularly enthusiastic.

   One of the laws recently passed by congress provides that any high school may organize a rifle team of not less than twenty members and be equipped at government expense. Such clubs are supplied with Krag Jorgenson rifles of the type used by the regular army and the national guard before the new Springfields were issued. It is also provided that the school boys shall have the privilege of using any national guard rifle range in their vicinity.

   This law was passed in conformity with the general sentiment prevailing throughout the country that the boys and young men of America should be taught the use of firearms, that they may be better equipped to fight for their country in time of need. During the last few years rifle practice has been taken up by the regular army, national guard, navy and private citizens with a zest and ardor never before approached. Rifle and gun clubs have been formed all over the country.

   Army and' national guard officers were mainly responsible for the passage of the bill to promote rifle practice among high school students. Schools all over the country are taking advantage of it. The Tucson high school is now organizing a club and Captain Hill believes that it is time the Phoenix students did so. The guns and other equipment can be had for the asking and there is no reason why they should not be secured and used. Captain Hill and other national guard officers will coach and assist the club in every way.

   The club will work in harmony with the national guardsmen, using their range east of the city. It is hoped that later on the club will supply some valuable material for the national guard companies. Those who have had rifle practice are worth much more in the national guard than one who knows nothing about a gun.

   Company B will turn out in force Thursday evening, which is its regular drill night, and give the high school boys a good time and encourage them in their ambition to learn how to shoot a rifle.

[The Arizona Republican, Thursday Morning, December 01, 1910. SECTION TWO, Vol. XXI. No. 193. Pg. 6]
   It would be a safe bet that school shootings were not a problem back then. Knowing this, our perverse government then turned them into 'gun free zones'....

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