Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Accidental Discharge of Pistol in School Room."

Accidental Discharge of Pistol in School Room.
Hammer of Weapon in Pupil's Pocket Strikes Against Seat,
and Ball Hits His Teacher. 
   Sturgis, Ky., Nov 30.--Close to the Union county line and in Webster county is a country school in which there has been considerable trouble of late on account of the insubordination of some of the attendants of the school. By reason of unbecoming conduct and a display of firearms at inopportune times the teachers of a few months since found it to his interests to bundle up his belongings and seek a more congenial territory for teachings young ideas how to shoots. The teacher who was a man discovered that his young ideas not only knew how to shoot but he reasoned that they would shoot, and not proposing to be made a target he took time by the forelock as before stating. 
   This teacher was succeeded by a lady of courage and determination who took up where her predecessor left off. Yesterday it is reported the teacher entered the school room and rang the bell for the scholars to come to books. They came with a rush and one of them had a concealed "gun" in his pocket. In rushing to a seat the hammer of the gun struck some unnoticed obstacle and there was an immediate explosion. The ball struck the teacher in the thigh and a severe wound resulted, but it Is not thought to be dangerous. A physician was summoned succeeded in extracting the ball and expressed the opinion that the teacher would not be confined on account of it but a few weeks. When able to return to duty the lady declares she will do so, and the height of her determination will be to bring order out of chaos and unruly children to good behavior. She will not be driven away from her post.
 [The Hartford Republican, Hartford, KY., Friday, December 04, 1903. Vol. XVI. No. 20. Pg. 4]
   Well, it is safe to state that this brave teacher was NOT like the current lie-beral ones we have today. In fact, if we had more teachers like her today. We wouldn't be having the problems we do in our current 'educational' system. Would also venture to state that there wouldn't have been, (and obviously there were not), any 'mass shootings' at that school....

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