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"not only the governor but both the United States senators are parties to the plot..."


The People of Johnson County, Wyoming, Have Sent a Petition to the President. 


The Governor and Both United States Senators Believed to Have Been In the Plot. 

   The people of Johnson county, Wyoming have sent the following petition to the president: 

   Buffalo, Wyo., April 21. The following telegram from the citizens of Buffalo to the president was filed here the evening of the 16th, when it was learned that the troops at Fort McKinley were ordered to take all the prisoners of the cattlemen's party to the railroad. The wires have been down since then, and the message was wired text today and read as follows: 

   "We do solemnly affirm that, contrary to all law of God and man, an armed body of capitalists, with hired war men, have entered our country with the open and avowed intention of taking possession of and controlling the same in their own interests. That we believe their aim was to terrorize and depopulate the county to their own aggrandizement, to murder and kill any and all person or persons resisting them, regardless of reputation or calling; that they have been detected in the act of the commitment of such murder and killing; that they have, with firearms, resisted arrest by the civil authorities, have defied the law; that, when surrounded by the sheriff's posse and their capture certain, they were arrested by the military, which military is now ordered to escort them in safety to the railroad. 

   "The band comprises some of the wealthiest people of the state, and they openly aver that their wealth will buy them off, will buy the protection of the government. Our people have been calm, patient and miraculously submissive to law and order through their terrible ordeal. They ask not for vengeance, but Justice. The executive department of the state has moved in such a manner as to indicate its sympathy with and protection of these influential rebels, which same they claim now. Our people have both judgment and feeling, which has ever controlled them yet to see the slayers of their innocent brothers go unpunished, may drive them insane. 

   "Now we, in behalf of our fellow citizens, and as we love domestic pence and tranquility, and in the name of God and justice, most respectfully request that the president of the United States, the head of our free government, pledge himself to his people that justice reigns supreme, that to the high and mighty, as well as to the poor and obscure, punishment shall be meted out as deserved, according to the laws and statutes of the United States. 

   We pledge our honor that nothing has occurred to occasion alarm of bodily injury to the prisoners from the populace, and that we believe such information is false and maliciously intended to injure our people, and defame their loyalty to the government, and we firmly believe that there is none intended when an assurance exists that justice will be done, and while in our judgment it were better to hold the prisoners for trial at the scene of the crimes, amply protected by troops, assisting the sheriff, yet, if it is the will of the chief executive to remove them, we shall labor unceasingly at his direction to assure his people, if worthy, of his love and protection. 

   "We most respectfully ask, will it be the pleasure of the president to receive a committee of our people who desire to explain the true condition of our county, and how grossly our people have been maligned."

                 C. J. Hogerson,
Chairman Board of County Commissioners and Acting Mayor of Buffalo. 

   The following names were also signed to the message:

Charles M. Devoe, county commissioner; W P. Keays, county clerk. Johnson county; Alvin Bennett, county attorney; W. F. Williams, county treasurer; E.U. Snider, William H. Fenn, postmaster; D.A. Kingsbury, W.P. Adams, A. W. Kennedy, W.B. Robinson, coroner; J.A. Jones, H.J. Dalziel, W.G. Angus, sheriff; W.J. Thom, cashier First National bank; J.H. Lott, M.D. , J.D. Seibert, Joseph Reimann, Justice of the peace. 

   E.U. Snider, one of the first settlers of Johnson county, the first postmaster at Fort McKinney. and known well and favorably all over the state, started Monday as a representative of the people. He will go to Cheyenne, and if necessary to Washington, with proofs, of the true causes of the late trouble in Johnson county. 

   Nearly everybody here now firmly believer that not only the governor but both the United States senators are parties to the plot to murder the ranchmen and confiscate their stock. Several of Senator Carey's horses were captured with the mob and are at Fort Fetterman tonight, and parties from the north say that they have conclusive proof of who cut the Buffalo wire and kept it cut so that Sheriff Angus could not got news of the expedition or assistance from Converse county. 

   Under Sheriff Roles says that Wolcott Irvine and several of the gang frequently boasted that they would be let free when they

reached Cheyenne and would return and attempt their murderous designs. 

[The Goodland Republic, Goodland, Kansas, Friday, April 29, 1892. Volume VI. Number XXXVI. Pg. 1]
   And our vile and corrupt government unconstitutionally 'regulates' arms in the hands of We The People. Knowing that our hired servants, historically, cannot be trusted? Or, perhaps they do it in order to carry out perverse "plots" such as the one above? Either way, we must NEVER allow these treasonous cowards to carry out their schemes.

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