Friday, October 25, 2013

"a man had the privilege of protecting his property with firearms if necessary..."


Ten Persons Arrested and Arraigned
Before Alderman Millar--Coun-
ter Charge Dismissed.

   Charged with stealing coal from the Murray Coal company's mine, operated by Patrick Murray. John Jordan, John Murphy. Peter Oliver, W.E. Wyant, Minnie Cillbrig, Harry Sailor, John Sailor, Henry Ogg and Jacob Gallow were arrested and arraigned before Alderman Millar last evening,

   For the past five years the defendants have been accustomed to get their fuel from the Murray mine. Murray did not insist upon their discontinuing the practice until lately, when it was found that they were taking advantage of his generosity. Orders to stop it were of no avail and Wednesday night the crowd appeared laden with bags in which to carry away the carboniferous product.

   James Murray, son of the owner, was in the drift when the party appealed. Straight into the mine they came and proceeded to fill the bags with freshly mined coal, until young Murray ordered them away. They were reluctant to go and he fired two shots from a revolver into the air. Then they departed. The defendants were held under $300 bail each.

   Peter Albaugh, representing the defendants, immediately swore out a warrant for the arrest of Murray on the charge of carrying firearms. Alderman Millar decided that inasmuch as a man had the privilege of protecting his property with firearms if necessary he had a perfect right to do so with a coal mine and dismissed the case.

[The Scranton Tribune, Scranton, PA., Friday Morning, March 1, 1901. Pg. 7]

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