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"Americans of all parties have been known to be handy with weapons..."


Clackamas Member Seemingly
Yearns for Carnage.

   Salem, Or., Jan. 14. When the house had been called to order this morning and it was discovered that no quorum was present. U'Ren of Clackamas requested the privilege of making a statement. There were at first objections, but the house finally subsided and U'Ren began.

   It proved to be a deliberate announcement of the position of the Populists to the effect that if an effort was made to use force to capture the house it would be met by force, and he warned the members not to undertake it.

   "We want no trouble," said U'Ren. "We are not here to invite it. We are all law abiding citizens and friends and neighbors. This house is made up of three minorities, either two of which is able to organize it. Whenever two minorities get together we will join them. But we want no 'Kansas episode.' If one minority proposes to inaugurate force there are, excepting myself, men on this side who can fight.

   "There has been some talk of firearms, too; and I want to say that Americans of all parties have been known to be handy with weapons. And," continued U'Ren laughingly, "if it comes to the question of running, we are not very slow over here either."

   U'Ren's words were so quietly and smilingly delivered that they did not make the impression they perhaps merit ed. He then went on to sum up the situation, and said the Populists were willing to go before the people on the record they were making.

   "If you Republicans want to settle the question, let 21 of you resign and break the quorum," he said: "No, you don't," interrupted Conn.

   U'Ren continued for a few minutes in the same vein.

   Vaugh of Lane then moved that the house adjourn, tor two weeks, so that the members could go home and explain to their constituents what they have been doing. His motion was declared out of order.

   At noon the house adjourned till 2 p.m. indications are that mere win be no organization today.

[The Dalles Weekly Chronicle, The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon, Saturday, January 16, 1897. Vol. VII. Number 7. Part 2, Pg. 1]
    Well, at least the politicians back in that day let their opposition be just as armed as they themselves were. Which is much better than most of the cowardly ones that we have today....

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