Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"got out firearms and prepared for a desperate resistance...."


Visited by Melrose

Wagon Loads of Food
and People.

The Negroes Feared a

Will be Sent to Their Alabama

   Chicago, July 26.-(Spl.)--Twenty-five wagon loads of Melrose Park citizens went to the side lock at Legrange, this morning, where the Alabama negroes, who were destined to employment in the steel mills are quartered. The negroes, fearing an attack, got out firearms and prepared for a desperate resistance. The citizens did not come to fight, but brought food to the negroes, many of whom had fasted 48 hours. A committee of citizens will look after the negroes and seen that they get safety home to Alabama.

[Akron Daily Democrat, Akron, Ohio, Friday Evening, July 26, 1901. Volume 10--Number 83. Pg. 2]

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