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Paris, France, 1871: "The Communists are actively disarming the loyal nationals...."


Crisis of the Red Rebellion

Death to the Rich & the Priests!

Whispers of the Guillotine

Paris to be Attacked To-day

By Thiers and the Germans

Threatened Attack of the Reds

On Versailles Last Night!


The commune Installed--A Funny
way of Abolishing Conscription.

   London, March 30.--Paris advices state that at noon yesterday, the Sub-Central Committee remitted its powers to me Communal council and that a proclamation, announcing the fact to the citizens, was at once issued. A decree was also made public abolishing conscription, stating that no force except the National Guards will be introduced into Paris, and ordering that all ablebodied male citizens shall belong to the National Guard. Another decree remits lodgers' rents from Oct, 7 to April, 1871. The sale of all pawned articles is suspended. Another decree orders all public officials, on pain of dismissal, to disregard all orders emanating from the Versailles Government. The Place Vendome is placarded with decrees of the Commune. All documents from the Versailles authorities are forbidden circulation in Paris. Deputies Delesciuse and Courniet, desiring a reunion with the Communists, have resigned their scats in the Assembly.

   A proclamation bearing the caption of The Federation National" urges the citizens of Paris to prove for themselves and their descendents the value of liberty; that they will surely assist in founding a universal republic.
Great Exodus From Paris-- Suppressing Religious Worship.

   Paris grows sadder in appearance daily. One hundred and sixty thousand people have left the city in the past ten days. Chaplains are ordered to cease the celebration of mass in the prisons. The insurance offices have been searched by order of the Commune for jewels and money deposited by the Empress Eugenie.

   Ferry goes to Brussels to take part in the peace negotiations. Troops from the South and West of France are ordered to concentrate at Angenloume. The Marine infantry are at Versailles and expect to be reviewed on Sunday in the Champs Lie Mars, Paris.
German Rule.

   London, March 31. A dispatch from Berlin says the state of siege in districts of France occupied by the 1st, 2d, 8th, 10th and 11th corps has become raised from March 27. Prisoners however are still to be subject to trial by court martial.

   The Echo du Parlement of Brussels says a convention has been signed modifying the preliminaries of peace by granting a delay in the payment of the five hundred million francs due April 1.
Gambetta's Old Trick.

   The Independence Belge stales that Ulric Foovielle is organizing a force of 300,000 National Guards at St. Germain for the support of law and order.
A Desperate Struggle Impending.

   A special dispatch to the London Times anticipates an approaching struggle which must be of a desperate character. Le Vengeur threatens the forcible ejection of the National Assembly from Versailles. The insurgents seem confident that the Government troops will not fight. Blanqui gives information that the Paris cabinet followed the example set by Mazzini in founding his ministry in Rome.
Want to Sell the Royal Residences.

   The Communal Council is deliberating on a proposal to pay the Prussian indemnify by selling Versailles for one milliard francs to an Anglo American company; St. Cloud for eight hundred millions of francs to German gambling proprietors, and Fontainebleau for five hundred millions of francs.

The Meat Supply of Paris Cut Off.

   A Daily New special dispatch from Versailles says the Government stops all horses and cattle from entering Paris.

   The mails to and from Paris are greatly delayed and it is expected will be stopped entirely.

   The Communists are actively disarming the loyal nationals.
Whispers of the Guillotine.

   The evening addition of the Times contains a letter describing the situation in Paris as critical. The gravest apprehensions are felt in all quarters. Measures for proscriptions are entirely enforced everywhere and the significant word "guillotine," though spoken only in a whisper, is in everybody's mouth.
The Germans will Take Hold when Theirs Fails.

   The Evening Standard has a dispatch reporting that the Germans will occupy Paris immediately upon the downfall of the Theirs government. The insurrection at Marseilles is dying out. Lyons is quiet.
Consternation--Death to the Rich and the Priests!

   Paris, March 31.--Special to the World. All is consternation. The watch-word of the Commune is, Death to the rich, to land owners, to priests. The guillotine will soon be decreed. The inmates of many houses have been marked as good for the guillotine. Drafts on the Treasury are not paid either in Paris or Versailles.

The Crisis Come! Thiers and the Germans Attack Paris this Morning, If the Insurgents Have not Already Flanked Them.

   Paris, March 31. World special.--The Government has completed arrangements for moving against Paris. The troops will move simultaneously with the Germans along the line by Montmartre and Derry. Learning this, the Commune have resolved to march on Versailles tonight with thirty thousand National Guards via Montrouge and Camp Sartony where the infantry of the line is stationed. Overcoming or fraternizing these, they will proceed to Versailles and dispose of the Assembly. The new decrees issued by the Commune make the workmen wild with delight.

[Nashville Union and American, Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, April 01, 1871. New Series. No. 804. Pg. 1]
   VERY INTERESTING, wouldn't you agree? Am sure that there are many that are just as surprised as I was upon finding this little [hidden] piece of history. Funny how it is that COMMUNISTS always 'regulate' and/or DISARM their opposition, ISN'T IT?

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