Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"owing to the refusal of the strikers to give up their arms...."


Men on Strike at Segundo. Colo., Re-
fuse to Surrender Firearms to
the State Troops.

Trinidad. Colo.. Nov. 13.--The movements of the state troops were confined today to expeditions to Segundo and around Ludlow. In both places Gen. Chase ordered that searches be made for firearms. The situation at Segundo appeared serious to Gen. Chase owing to the refusal of the strikers to give up their arms.

   Military Investigation of the finding of a quantity of dynamite near the strikers colony at Forbes last night, is being made.
Greeks to Fight Militia.

   Gen. Chase stated that he had reliable information that Greeks were being enlisted by a Greek leader at the Ludlow tent colony to come to the strike zone and fight the militia.

   The Greek leader is telling his countrymen that the union is stronger than the United States government and that they can shoot at the word from the strike leaders.

   Gen. Chase went to Ludlow with a detachment of cavalry after he had been informed that the Aguilar and Ludlow strikers were congregating there, and a close watch is being kept by the militia authorities for an outbreak there.

   Louis King, the negro who was arraigned on a charge of being guilty of shooting the two children at Ludlow, was released on $1000 bonds.

   Maj. House, in command at Segundo, secured 39 rifles and a quantity of ammunition.

[El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, Thursday Evening, November 13, 1913, Editorial and Magazine Page, Pg. 4]
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