Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"they found resolute property owners with revolvers..."


Citizens Opposed
Telephone Men.

Sawed Down Offending

Stood Off Employes
With Hose and Firearms.

Telephone Folks Are Stubborn
and Will Fight.

   Hamilton, O., Sept. 24. Following the arrest of the workmen of the Bell Telephone Co., Sunday, for erecting poles In front of residences, tearing up walks and destroying trees, came a day of practical rioting in Hamilton.

   During the night citizens whose property had been damaged, by common understanding slipped out and in the darkness' sawed down about 100 of the offending poles. Monday morning when the workmen started to resume work they found resolute property owners armed with revolvers in front of their homes. Many had garden hose, and turned them on the workmen, forcing them to retreat. Others menaced the laborers with fire-arms.

   Joseph W. Doran, representing citizens, secured an injunction. The crisis became so grave that the Board of Control called a special session, and revoked the permit under which the poles were being raised, and ordered all poles standing taken out in five days. The telephone company says it will not obey.

[Akron Daily Democrat, Akron, Ohio, Tuesday Evening, September 24, 1901. Volume 10--Number 184 Pg. 3]

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