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Truly despicable hypocrisy....



Western Indians Will Not Be Allowed
to Carry Firearms--All Game
Animals to Be Protected.

   The annual convention of the League of American Sportsmen was held yesterday In the assembly room of the Commercial Club. About forty representatives of the league were in attendance. During the session a number of resolutions were presented denouncing unscrupulous hunters. The following officers were elected:

   President--George O. Shields, New York.
   First Vice President--E.S. Thompson, New York.
   Second Vice President--W.T. Hornaday, New York.
   Third Vice President Dr. T.S. Palmer, Washington, D.C.
   Fourth Vice President A.A. Anderson, New York.
   Fifth Vice President-W.A. Richards, Washington, D.C.
   Secretary Arthur F. Rice, Passaic, N.J.
   Treasurer Arthur Corbin, New York.

   The same executive eouncil which served last year, of which President Roosevelt is a member, was reappointed. Union B. Hunt, secretary of state, and R.W. McBride, of this city, are members of the council.

   Arthur F. Rice, who acted as secretary and treasurer last year, reported that the receipts were $4,605.08, while the expenditures amounted to $4,078.32, leaving a balance of $526.36.

   President Shields, before adjourning the meeting, especially urged the members to make greater additions to the league the coming year. He urged the delegates to interest the wealthy men of their locality in the work being done by the league, and have them also taken out life subscriptions.

   Many of the resolutions which were introduced at the session to-day were printed yesterday morning. In all of the resolutions the members of the league call attention to the manner in which all kinds of game are being killed. Yesterday afternoon A.W. Whitehead, of Denver, introduced a resolution calling attention to the loose manner in which the Indians of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada leave their reservations and kill the game. His resolution was:

   "Whereas, it is in the practice of certain Indians in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado and other Western States to leave their reservations and make periodical incursions into adjacent States and Territories in pursuit of deer, elk and other game animals, and,

   "Whereas, such hunting incursions result in great and unlawful destruction and waste of the game animals in the places so stated, and,

   "Whereas, it has been found difficult for the local authorities and the Indian agents on their respective reservations to prevent such hunting incursions or to properly control the Indians when off their reservation on such hunting expeditions; therefore, be it

   "Resolved, by the League of American Sportsmen, assembled in annual convention. That it is the sense and conviction of the said league that a rule should be adopted by the Indian Bureau and rigidly enforced absolutely prohibiting and preventing any and all Indians in any State or Territory west of the 87th meridian from carrying firearms or having the same in their possession when off the reservation to which such Indians belong."

   The resolution was adopted and a copy will be sent to the commissioner of Indian affairs.

[The Indianapolis Journal, Indianapolis, Thursday Morning, February 13, 1902. Vol. LII---No. 44. Pg. 12]
   Could these people have been any more hypocritical? For it is a well known fact that the native American was far more mindful of keeping within the natural balance. And this, by not hunting for 'sport' or taking more game than what was necessary for subsistence. As well as making use of almost ALL parts of the animal, rather than just a head for a trophy. Or, using just the skins for a fur coat. And, that there wasn't a problem with the conservation of game animals until Europeans arrived on the continent. For it was only then, that animals were hunted just for their heads or skins. With their carcases being left out to rot in the elements. Then these hypocrites have the gall to call out for disarming the native peoples in order that their mindless slaughter could continue without competition? How utterly cowardly and despicable.

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