Sunday, October 20, 2013

"were permitted to enter the State buildings with firearms...."

   The dastard who aimed the rifle and pulled the trigger may never be known, but it is known that W.S. Taylor, a private citizen from the county of Butler, who by circumstances became acting Governor for a short while, did during that brief interval permit armed men to enter the Capital City, to occupy the State buildings, and encouraged them in their lawlessness by exercising the pardoning power when they themselves were anxious to acknowledge their guilt. During this time assassins were permitted to enter the State buildings with firearms and from a window in the Executive building shot and mortally wounded Senator Goebel while en route to discharge the official duties imposed on him by the people as a Senator of Kentucky. Though Taylor did not fire the deadly weapon and may not know who did, by his illegal and unwarranted acts he has subjected himself to very grave criticism.

[The Mt. Sterling Advocate, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, Tuesday, February 6, 1900. Vol. X. No. 30 Pg. 2]
   And just think, it is government 'officials' such as W.S. Taylor that are now trying to disarm us. Perhaps it's time for We The People to disarm the criminals in our governments instead.

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