Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for some ironic humor? Well here you go....

A Contrast.

   The theory of the Democratic party is that all persons, magistrates and people, officers and citizens are bound by imitations and entitled to the benefits of the guarantees of the Constitution.

   The theory of the Radical party is that in the administration of the State Government, the Legislature is not bound by, limited, or controlled by any of the provisions of the Constitution.

   These liberal guarantees were purchased with the lives of patriots and our people have ever looked upon them as the palladium of their liberties.

   Texans, are you prepared to surrender into the bands of official tyrants, the right of trial by jury; and in criminal persecution the right to a "speedy public trial by an impartial Jury"--security in your house against all seizures or search, except on warrant founded on affidavit--the right to the privileges of the writ of habeas corpus, the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of yourself; the right to assemble together in a  peaceable manner for your common good; the right to have all laws contrary to those Constitutionally guaranteed provisions declared void? Are you prepared to submit to unjust and illegal taxation to sustain in their stolen luxury a corrupt and bloated band of public thieves, who are rioting on the money they are stealing from you, and claiming to have control of your State Government? Are you prepared to surrender all your ancient rights and become abject slaves to corrupt and groveling tyranny? If not, then come to the polls and aid in wresting from our oppressors their usurped power, and restoring our State to good government, peace and order.

[Weekly Democratic Statesman, Austin, Texas, Thursday, August 24, 1871. Vol. I. No. 4. Pg. 1]

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