Saturday, November 23, 2013

"The Government and the arms both belong to the people...."

Shall the People Arm.

   The question is asked us by the citizens every day. What shall we do? Must we fight at home? These questions are not asked by Democrats alone, but many who have heretofore acted with the Republicans, and who voted for Mr. Lincoln. Our reply to all such, is, if you want to maintain your Government, W[a]shington says in peace prepare for war. He is good authority. And if you turn to the Constitution of the U.S. Art. 2. of Amendments. You find these words "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."--I take it from this that it is Constitutional for Gov. Tod to distribute all the arms among the people, that belong to the people, & that can be spared to the people. The Government and the arms both belong to the people. As a matter of course if you buy your own arms, you have a clear constitution right to do so, and bear them, being responsible for the use you make of them.

   We say fighting is not necessary, for there is none to fight here, and it is the last resort to go into civil war, if there were. The people through the country, outside of our town influences are all reading and examining the acts of this Administration, and they are joining the Democratic party as fast us they can. It is impossible to corrupt the masses of the people, and as soon as they see the errors and follies of those in power, they will correct them, by appointing other agents to carry on this Government under the Constitution. We have not any that it will be necessary to fight at home, for the reason that we think we can perceive that Lincoln is about to change the Cabinet and policy.--And our readers must not be surprised to hear that our officials assume stronger Pro-slavery ground than any Democrat ever did, That is, we expect to hear of this Administration turning its officers into negro drivers, to see them planting out cotton and attending to culture &c. and returning negroes to their masters. We are now informed that Gen. Banks is already so doing at New Orleans. No, in our opinion you will not be called on to fight here, for by the law, the Draft will not take a man from Vinton County if it is fairly administered. It dont reach us. If a fight breaks out at some other point, we might all be needed to maintain, protect and defend our glorious Constitution. If every state but Ohio, should abandon it we expect to be found fighting along with Vallandigham for the old Constitution as it is, as the last memento of the Government of our Fathers.

[The McArthur Democrat, M'Arthur, Vinton County, Ohio, March 12, 1863. Vol. 11. No. 30. Pg. 2]

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