Saturday, November 30, 2013

"where the sale Of revolvers, like their use, is free...."

   There is a town called Texarkana, lying partly within Arkansas and partly within Texas, with a broad street marking the boundary. It has two mayors, and the state laws governing on one side have no binding force on the ether. Arkansas made a severe enactment against the free sale of firearms, whereupon the hardware merchants moved their stores to the other side of the street, thus going into Texas, where the sale Of revolvers, like their use, is free. The Arkansas mayor issued a proclamation against the sale of liquor on Sunday, greatly to the advantage of the saloon men in Texas, until the venders on the other side moved over and regained their customers.

[Lancaster Daily Intelligencer, Lancaster, PA., Thursday, September 15, 1881. Volume XVIII--No. 12. Pg. 2]
   This is EXACTLY what we need to be doing to treasonous towns, cities and states that infringe upon our rights. STARVE THEM TO DEATH.

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