Tuesday, December 03, 2013

And still yet another historical example of cowardly media treason against our right....

   Firearms.--If the Legislature would pass an act, making it a punishable offense to sell revolvers or other weapons to persons under eighteen years of age, it would do a praise-worthy act for which it would be entitled to the gratitude of the people generally. In this city there is a number of young Modocs who carry firearms, and frequently exhibit them; and though they may not use them against each other, accidents occur like the one noted elsewhere, even to the endangering of life. But recently a pistol was discharged in a tussle, and the bull plowed a furrow across the forehead of one of the lads, and brought him within half an inch of death, but they carry them all the same. We have laws against the carrying of concealed weapons, but they are not enforced, and even when opportunity offers, no effort is made to enforce them. Perhaps it would be the same if we had such a law as we have referred to, but with ordinary vigilance we think such a law could be made effective in keeping such weapons out of the hands of boys.

[The Fremont Weekly Journal, Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio, Friday, May 9, 1873. New Series Vol. XXI, No. 19.Pg. 3]

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