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"do hereby grant permission to any and all persons to discharge firearms..."

Firecrackers And The Fourth.

Mayor Moores Proclaims Two Days
for a General Jubilee.

   Mayor Moores has issued the following proclamation concerning the observation of the 121st jubilee celebration by the American eagle :

   OMAHA. June .10. 1897.--Whereas, Section 29 of chapter xiii of the Revised Statutes of 1890 of the city of Omaha provides as follows: "If any person shall unnecessarily discharge any firearms or shoot off any firecrackers or other fireworks, or shall light or throw any fire ball or cracker in said city without the permission of the mayor, such person so doing shall on conviction thereof be fined in any sum not exceeding twenty dollars ($20);" and,

   Whereas. The congress of the United States has enacted a law making July 4 the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a national holiday; and,

   Whereas, The evidences of awakened material prosperity are apparent on every hand in our city, and great business enterprises are being rapidly located here, and numerous magnificent buildings erected and many public improvements projected, and it is apparent that soon every man in our city will be able to secure remunerative employment and our former prosperity will return, making this a fitting time for rejoicing; and,

   Whereas, It Is the duty of every liberty loving citizen to cease from his ordinary vocation on the 4th day of July and join with others in celebrating the anniversary of the birth of American independence and the proud history of more than a century of brilliant achievements, and, with public speaking, fireworks and the noise of booming cannon and popping firecrackers to give expression to their enthusiasm and patriotism.

   Now , therefore, I , Frank E. Moores, mayor of the city of Omaha, under and by virtue of the authority in me vested by the ordinances of the said city, do hereby grant permission to any and all persons to discharge firearms, shoot off firecrackers, or other fireworks within the city of Omaha upon the 3d and 5th days of July, 1897, without such persons becoming amenable to the provisions of the said ordinances; hereinbefore quoted; provided, however, that no such firecrackers, firearms or fireworks shall be discharged in any alley of the city or near any barn, or near combustible material, which action might endanger the public safety.

   Witness my hand this 30th day of June,
1897. FRANK E. MOORES, Mayor.

[The Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha, Friday Morning, July 2, 1897. Pg. 3]

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