Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"Security and Protection . . . Pay postman on arrival, our price, plus postage."

Security and PROTECTION $17.50 Actual Value $35.

Carry this revolver and be always fully protected. This handsome firearm is the style of weapon adopted by the police and secret service of many cities. The most accurate and dependable of firearms. Has popular swing-out cylinder, made by expert mechanics, of extra fine steel. Nickel or blue steel finish. Shoots six times before reloading.

32 Cal. 6 Shot Smith & Wesson Model Swing Out Cylinder

SEND NO MONEY Order today.

We have no catalog. Just send your name and address, and say which revolver you want. Be sure to state whether you want "nickel" or "blue" finish. No. 1031 is 32 cal. 4-in. barrel, $17.50. No. 1531 is 38 cal.4-in. barrel, $19.00. Rush your order. We send by return mail. Pay postman on arrival, our price, plus postage.

Paramount Trading Co. 114 Maiden Lane, N.Y. City 

[The Dallas Express, Dallas, Texas, Saturday,  July 23, 1921. Vol. XXVIII, No. 42. Pg. 5]

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