Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"they would then know why the settlers of Kansas took up arms to defend themselves and their families...."

   The Rev. Ephraim Nute, pastor of the First Church (Unitarian) in Lawrence, Kansas, in his discourse on Sunday, in the Rev. Mr. Fuller's Church in Hanover street, appealing for aid of $1,500 to complete the Church already begun at Lawrence, but suspended on account of border invasion, took occasion to refer to those who object to arming settlers for self defense. They should witness, he said, what he had witnessed. They "should see a neighbor and friend, the most "peaceful of men, brutally murdered; should witness "the grief of the mother, the wife, the sister, all dependent on his arm, and now left alone in the wilderness; and they would then know why the settlers of "Kansas took up arms to defend themselves and their "families from the worse than savage bands from the "borders of Missouri." He had seen timid and refined women, who, at the East, would have shrank from the presence of an instrument of war, courageously and firmly grasp the implements of death in the days of their siege. Were he to select the most eloquent and decided words is condemnation of the tyranny attempted to be imposed on the settlers, they would be from the lips of men from Virginia and Kentucky; who were in the ranks to defend Lawrence. [Boston Atlas. 

[New-York Daily Tribune, New-York, Thursday, May 15, 1856. Vol. XVI.....No. 4,703. Pg. 6]

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