Sunday, January 05, 2014

"...who in turn have been armed in self-defense."


   The appeal for federal soldiers to serve in Colorado with a view to suppressing the violence and disorder which have characterized the Rockefeller-Colorado war against the United Mine Workers, has led the president to order troops to the strike district.

   There is no civilized nation which would permit conditions to exist that have been found in Colorado and West Virginia, where private armies have been maintained to make war against striking workingmen, who in turn have been armed in self-defense.

  In Colorado there is a state within the state. In spite of its pretensions to progress, in spite of the fact that it has women's suffrage, Colorado has presented a spectacle such as no other American State ever presented—the shooting down of women and children by armed thugs wearing the uniform of the state and in the pay of private interests.

   The presence of federal troops in Colorado should bring a halt to the armed conflict between the Rockefeller guards and the striking miners. It will be no slight gain to stop the killing of women and children. But Colorado's responsibility is heavy upon it. It has yet to deal With its public officials who have sold its authority. It has yet to deal with the men who have murdered in its name. It has yet to justify itself before the American people.

   Today Colorado stands a shameless harlot in the sisterhood of states.—The Milwaukee Leader.

[The Labor World, Duluth And Superior, [Minn.], May 2, 1914. Vol. 21. No. 48. Pg. 4]

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