Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"acknowledging the right of the private citizen to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes...."

Proclamation by the Governor.

   Our readers will of course read with particular attention the proclamation by Gov. Holden. It is a clear, calm, decided, patriotic document. It not only announces and approves, but proposes to defend the Constitutionality of the present reconstructed State governments; acknowledging the right of the private citizen to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes. It expreses a firm purpose to punish, as the law shall allow, all attempts to arm one class of citizens against another, for the purpose of assaulting or intimidating voters. The rights of all classes of electors to the peaceful exercise of the ballot are wisely and strongly guaranteed.

   The Governor hereby assures all good, law-abiding citizens that peace and security for life, rights and property shall be maintained. His appeal for the support of his fellow-citizens surely will not be unheeded. He shows himself to be a truly sleepless sentinel and an earnest and brave defender of popular liberty. But alone, single-handed his skill and bravery will be futile. The people, those who have cloaked him with authority must rally and by their words of cheer, and advocacy, everywhere endorsing and co operating with this measures, show those who would make mischief that they plot and conspire against a host--that they plot and conspire in vain.

   Let those who are importing arms into the State for murderous purposes, read, mark and inwardly digest.

[The Weekly North-Carolina Standard, Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, October 21, 1868. Vol. XXXIV. No. 42. Pg. 1]

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