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Democrats: "has deprived American citizens of their right of suffrage; their right to bear and keep arms...."

From the Iowa Pilot of Sept. 19.

Border Ruffianism in Winterset.

   Mr. Editor: No person to whatever political party or creed he may belong, who observes and notes the movements of the Pro-Slavery party, can fail to see, that the Democratic party are used, by the Slave Oligarchy, for the purpose of spreading Slavery over the Territories of this nation, and to suppress the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

   "To prove this let facts be submitted to a candid world." Within the last six months, a citizen of Virginia, a slave-holder, purchased a mulatto woman for the only purpose of saving her from the Southern Slave pen. Subsequently he proposed to sell her to herself for three hundred dollars less than he gave for her." The offer was accepted by the woman and consummated. For this act of humanity, Mr. Davis, I believe, who was its author, was compelled, by the slave Democracy, to leave the State of Virginia!

   Within the same period of time, Mr. Underwood was forced by the Democratic allies of the South to flee from his house and family in the State of Virginia because he dared to maintain the Republican cause and openly avowed his intention to support Fremont for the Presidency.

   A few days ago the Republican party attempted to get up a Republican Electoral Ticket in the "Old Dominion," and for that purpose a Convention assembled at Wheeling, in Virginia. a Democratic Pro-Slavery mob dispersed them, and now a Mr. Smith, who was a member of that assembly, is imprisoned because he was patriotic enough to say he loved freedom.

   And these scenes occurred in the State that gave birth to WASHINGTON, and JEFFERSON, to MADISON, and MONROE, to CLAY and to HARRISON.

   Let not, then, the Slave power and its ally--the present Democratic party--say to us that "you are sectional, when they will not permit us to form an electoral ticket in the Southern States, unless we do so at the peril of our lives and our liberty.

   In the recent Legislature of Texas a Mr. Sherwood was forced to resign his seat in that body, because he said that "Slavery could not legally exist in the Territories of the United States." When he was expelled he informed the Legislature that he would make known to the people of Texas his sentiments on African Slavery. Accordingly he sent an appointment to the place of his residence, stating that he would address the citizens on that subject. The Buchanan Democracy met and told him that this was a FREE country, but that he must not say one word about slavery. Mr. Sherwood's mouth was closed. His lips were sealed, because the institution for the spread of which, the Democracy are so zealously, working, will crumble at the touch of investigation.

   The Slave power, by its fast and subservient friend the Democratic party, has, on a National high way, by force deprived private citizens of the union of their property without any compensation and without any cause. It has submerged in the Missouri and Kansas rivers, printing presses because they advocated freedom of speech--it has tarred and feathered ministers of the gospel who have proclaimed the sins of Slavery, and has deprived American citizens of their right of suffrage; their right to bear and keep arms; it has deprived them of their National rights, and this in the name of Democracy and "Law and Order."

   These usages have not been confined to the Slave States, where all persons are compelled to bow to slavery--the house hold god of the present Democracy.

   Mr. Spear, who was editor of the Topeka Tribune, so long as the Democratic administration of Pierce would allow him to exercise the rights of a freeman, was in our town on the evening of 12th instant and was requested to state lo our citizens what had been his experience of Squatter Sovereignty, as practiced under Democratic rule. Mr. Spear made an unsuccessful effort to get into Kansas Territory, where he has a wife and five children having been repulsed by Border Ruffians.

   The Democracy of Winterset thought, and wisely, too, that an exposition of the wrongs which if Freemen have endured on the plains of Kansas, and which have been inflicted on them by the rulers which the Democratic party have placed over them, would be no credit to their party. Consequently some means were to be devised by which Mr. Spear would be deprived of the privilege of addressing us. That ignoble and dirty task was assumed by I.D. Guiberson, of this place, the addmitied leader the Pro-Slavery party of this County.

   The Methodist Episcopal Church had been procured for tho purpose of having Mr. Spear occupy it a short time. Mr. Guiberson, who has no control over it whatever, borrowed a key and STOLE INTO the house, and locked on those who have the care and custody of the building.--Some of the Trustees of the Church were present and were locked out of the building by this champion of human rights--this modern Democrat.

   Is there any difference in the principle between that man or set of men who will forcibly drive from a Territory men who have a right to live in it, and he who forcibly deprives you of the use and enjoyment of your property for political reasons? Not a whit. And if Mr. Guilberson and other coadjutors of the Slave cause here, had had the power which their brethren in Kansas, the Border Ruffians have, Mr. Spear would have met with the same treatment here he and others have experienced in that Territory at the hands of the Democracy there.

   The building in question has been occupied one evening in each week by the Buchanan Club of this place, of which Mr. Guiberson is a distinguished member. Mr. Guiberson threatens that he will leave the church if such men as Mr. Spear are permitted to preach their political heresies in it. The sooner lie executes his threat better for the church. This is not the first time that the freedom of speech has been attempted to be suppressed n Winterset, within the last tree Months and by members of the Democratic party in both instances. Indeed, our Democratic brethren are getting very PRO-SLAVERYISH. Such outrages as these are scarcely looked for in Charleston, South Carolina.

   The individual who committed this high handed outrage, has frequently boasted that certain men of our county shall never hold an office here. He has assumed the dictatorship and not only says whom we shall hear speak, but also says who shall not hold office. In a diminutive scale he is aiding, to the best of his ability, his fellow laborers in Kansas, who. having become tyrannical through the patronage of a tyrannical Executive, are trampling in the dust all the right of freemen, and who are outraging humanity in every way. This subservient tool and lick-spittle of the Slave Democracy will lb remembered by the people of this county.

[Holmes County Republican, Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio, Thursday, October 23, 1856. Vol. 1. No. 9. Pg. 1]

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