Tuesday, February 04, 2014

'I was just doing my job/following orders'

   The headline has been a common reply of many in law enforcement and military. It was also the response given by many of the Nazi's at the Nuremburg trials. As well as many tyrants down throughout the history of the world. Many of these people carry arms as a part of their jobs. And there are an innumerable amount of instances where those arms were used illegally. Often resulting in the deaths of the innocents they were hired by We The People to serve.

   The men that founded our Constitutional Republic were well aware of the failings in fallen human nature. Especially when it comes to those that possess "power". For they knew that "power corrupts", and that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Which is the precise reason they made a system of "checks and balances" in order to keep "power" in check.

   The final "check" in our intended system of government. Is that of the citizens having the right to keep and bear arms for individual and common defense. And this against all enemies; foreign or domestic. And this right was to be free from all government interference. Which is made quit clear by their employing the restriction; "shall not be infringed".

   Any type of "control", "restriction" or "regulation" of a Constitutionally secured right. Is clearly a violation of that right that was intended to be secured. And is in all actuality a criminal act perpetrated by those that enacted or uphold it. Which is obviously perversely done in order that the perpetrators would not have to face immediate retribution for their criminal acts.

"The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall NOT be infringed."

   Was intended to keep hired servants in their delegated place for almost 223 years. To maintain that servants remain servants, and that We The People remain their masters.

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