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"Any man has a right to resort to arms to defend the law, or to protect a citizen from violence...."

Another Man Lynched

And The Murderers, As Usual, Go Unpunished


   Again Oklahoma has been disgraced  with a lynching, committed by 50 or more unmasked men and yet, as usual, the officers of the law have put forth no effort to bring the [murderers] to justice. Even Gov. Cruce from his lofty peak of State authority looks down with little or no concern on the crimes of these degraded hellbounds who continue to ply their trade without any fear of the law. Bootlegers and race track gamblers are the only class of criminals who have anything to fear from Gov Cruce.

   The State Militia stands at the command of Gov. Cruce who will certainly invoke its service to suppress the sale of whiskey or race track gambling, but never once has he raised his voice or hand to put down the lynch crime.

   The lynching of Crockett Williams at Eufaula last Friday night by a mob of 50 cowardly murderers is just another good reason why Negroes of this State should form an armed organization to protect themselves and uphold the law. Any man has a right to resort to arms to defend the law, or to protect a citizen from violence.

   If the Negroes of Eufaula had done as they should, knowing the feeling against Williams at the time, they would have protected him at any cost. We believe in upholding the law at all times even if to do so means death. Therefore we are inalterably opposed to mob violence.

   These mobs are invaribly composed of the lower element of white men-the brutal, cowardly. murderous element. But one or two determined men amply armed can easily disperse them.

   These lynchings are geting to be far too common in Oklahoma, and something must be done to stop it.

   There is no hope of protection from the State authorities, and the federal government is silent on the question. Women and children have been lynched in Oklahoma, to say nothing of the scores of negro men who have been murdered, and not a single man of these infernal mobs has been punished-nor have the officers of the law made any effort to suppress the crime or punish the criminals. Negro men, it's up to us to act. We must have justice! Our wives and children are not safe in a country so rent with outlawry.

   Let us respect the law and enforce it at the point of guns. When a negro is charged with crime let us aid the officers in apprehending him and then take our guns and protect him against mob violence. If bloodshed must come, let us welcome it, and die if need be in defense of the law and justice. Mobs have no right to take the law in their hand to kill a person, but we have a perfect right to kill the mob in defense of the law and the prisoners life. Such action on the part of negros might bring protection from the federal government.

   The better element of both white and colored people of Oklahoma should band themselves together to suppress this crime. It can be done: It must be done!!

[The Tulsa Star, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday, August 8, 1914. Vol. 2, No. 41. Pg. 1]

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