Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"he has a perfect right to carry a revolver...."

   A says that If a man leaves his place of business for his home with a large sum of money on his person (the same being known to himself only) he has a perfect right to carry a revolver, and should he be arrested for any cause on the way the authorities have no right to fine him for carrying concealed weapons without a license. B claims the law is specific, and under no circumstances has a man a right to carry concealed weapons on the highway without a license
                                                                      CONSTANT READER.

   The State law, section 412 of the Penal Code, has been repealed. If there is any actual prohibition of pistols. It is a municipal ordinance. It is doubtful if any fine can legally be imposed for carrying a pistol. The persons fined in the various police courts for "carrying concealed weapons" are dubious characters as a rule, who would rather pay a fine for carrying a pistol and get away from court at once than stand on their rights, give trouble to the Police Justice and the police officers, and get justice, their records, as a rule, won't stand justice. Article II. of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States says "* * * the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

   This answers "Enquirer's" questions.
[The Sun, New York, Sunday, December 29, 1889. Vol. LVII.--No. 120. Pg. 18]

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