Friday, March 14, 2014

""The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall never be abridged" will soon be nothing but a memory...."


   Senator Chandler of Maine, has introduced a bill making it unlawful for any body of men of ten or more, any of whom are subject to enrollment as a part of the militia of any state of the United States, to assemble, or drill, or bear arms as a military squad, company, battalion or other military organization, unless they are called forth by some civil or military officer lawfully authorized to call them out.

   Since the infant days of the republic there has been no such bold attempt to make of this nation a military despotism. Our fathers and grandfathers were accustomed to organize independent military companies, and their right "to keep and bear arms" were never questioned, nor were they forbidden to assemble in squads of "ten or more" and have military drills.

   Senator Chandler's bill makes it too apparent to doubt that the people are to be robbed of the last vestige of freedom. Little by little are the fetters being forged. The National Guard--the militia of the states--are to be placed under the control and subject to officers of the regular army.

   To most men these movements may have but little significance, but they are certainly ominous of evil days for the people.

   "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall never be abridged" will soon be nothing but a memory, if the people do not call the conspirators down. Plutocrats can and do conspire to oppress the people, and when they resist, the National Guard is called to aid them in their work.

   This last move, if consummated, would leave the people at the mercy of thugs, for the man who will enlist in the National Guard to serve under such laws will be of the element composing the Pinkerton thugs.

   Watch the despots!

[Kansas Agitator, Garnett, Kansas, January 26, 1893. Vol. 3. No. 36. Pg. 4]

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