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"to deprive the people of the right to keep and bear arms...."

Glorious Fountain--The Old Guard To The Rescue--From 6,000 to 8,000 Democrats In Council--Patriotic Resolutions Adopted.

   Last Saturday was a proud day for the Democracy of Fountain county, they will long remember the day as one of the brightest in their history, as the day when they with united voice spoke in tones and language not to be mistaken, against the wicked and tyrannical Administration and policy that is now rendering asunder and grinding to stone our beloved country.

   The day opened beautiful and was auspicious for the gathering of a free and independent people. At an early hour in the morning, the sturdy and unflinching patriotic Democracy began to assemble from all directions, and by the hour of 10 o'clock A.M. the town was alive with people, and it was soon observed that the Court House would be wholly insufficient to accommodate but a very small proportion of the vast throng who has arrived and were constantly pouring in.

   Procession after procession came in, headed by bands of martial music and the Star Spangled Banner--the flag of our country. Fountain county was not alone represented, but numbers came in from Parke, Vermillion, Warren and Benton counties, and many from our sister State of Illinois.

   The convention was organized in the court room and adjourned to meet at the Fair Grounds, north of town, where the committee on resolutions made their report. Upon the reading of the resolutions they were adopted with enthusiastic cheers.

   Mr. Tipton being called for, came forward and made an able speech, fully demonstrating the wickedness and corruption that now control the affairs of our Government.

   After the conclusion of Mr. Tipton's speech, Mr. H.H. Dodd, of Indianapolis, was introduced and made one of the best speeches that was ever made in our place; for two long hours he held the vast crowd together, standing in a hot sun, as if by a chain of magic. His speech was both eloquent and argumentative, convincing all who heard him that the Democratic party alone can relieve our beloved country from despotism and anarchy which now environ it. The speakers were greeted with cheer after cheer from the honest throats of the multitude.

   We were somewhat disappointed in the morning, when it was ascertained that Mr. Voorhees would not be present; but we confess we had no reason for disappointment in regard to the speakers, nor neither had the Democracy. The speakers filled the bill exactly, and we doubt whether the crowd would have been much better entertained or went away feeling better if all the speakers had been present that were invited.

   The morning showed conclusively that the Democracy are in earnest and they mean that their actions indicate--that they are tired of the way our affairs are controlled, and are not willing, as vassals and slaves, to sit idly by and see their liberties wrested from them.

   They have plainly spoken, and it will be well for the crazy fanatics who now are making war upon our Constitution, to pay heed to the lesson taught by their resolutions.

   The following resolutions were reported to the Committee and were unanimously adopted with the greatest enthusiasm.

   Whereas, The Democracy of the State of Indiana, are to assemble at Indianapolis on the 20th of May next, in pursuance of a call of the Democratic State Central Committee, for the purpose of considering together and adopting some plan for concert of action, by which our unhappy and distracted country may be restored to peace, instead of being rent by 'war's desolation.' And,

   Whereas, We believe every locality--every county in Convention assembled, should give in advance to said State Mass Convention, an honest and candid expression of the sentiments of the Democracy of their respective counties on the subject of the terrible crisis through which the people are passing. The Democracy of Fountain county, in the expression of the sentiments entertained,  

   1. Resolves, That the fundamental principles which distinguish the present administration are based upon ignorance and wickedness, and an entire aversion to the doctrine that "governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." In attempting to abridge the freedom of speech and of the press, to deprive the people of the right to keep and bear arms, to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, and to the right to the writ of habeas corpus.

   2. That we regard as odious, illegal and unjust, the confiscation and conscription acts, that we hold the emancipation proclamation as an unwise, impolitic act, an usurpation founded on no law, based only on the will.

   3. That the declaration of martial law by the President in the loyal States of the North, is an act of military tyranny unnecessary, unjust and unlawful, and subversive of the civil rights of the citizen.

   4. That the suppression of the writ of habeas corpus by the President of the loyal States, is not only unconstitutional, but an act of executive despotism, for which he ought, and should be impeached, and we declare the act absolutely void, and it should be disregarded by all those who are intrusted with the execution and administration of the laws.

   5. That although the Morrill tariff, the confiscation, the conscription and the indemnity laws are obnoxious, unwise, and unjust, we will submit to them under protest, claiming  a right to a free and full criticism of all acts of the party in power, and the merits of all enactments, asking only an untrammeled court for the settlement of constitutional questions, and a free ballot for a redress of our grievances.

   6.That freedom of speech and the press belongs to the citizens as a constitutional right. It is an ancient and unalienable right of the people to canvass public measures and public men; it is a home-bred right, a fireside privilege. It has ever been enjoyed in every house, cottage and cabin in the Nation, and is not to be drawn into controversy; it is as undoubted as the right of breathing the air and walking on the earth, belonging to private life as a right, and to public life as a duty.

   7. That we utterly condemn the blundering policy of the administration, which is desolating the land and blighting our National honor, and that we will use every lawful and honorable effort to depose the weak and wicked counsels now administering our public affairs, and place in their stead wisdom, experience and patriotism.

   8. That we do recommend to the people of the United States, that there be a cessation of hostilities, and speedy arrangements made for the proper adjustment of our National difficulties, and the restoration of the Union, by calling a convention of the States of the Union to participate therein.

   9. That our soldiers have our deepest sympathies, that we admire their courage and endurance upon the tented field and ensanguined plain, and truly hope that each one may return to meet the greetings of kind friends, and enjoy the hospitality of home, and repose in security under the banner of a happy, prosperous and united country.

[Daily State Sentinel, Indianapolis, Ind., Saturday Morning, May 2, 1863. Vol. XII. Number 3,919. Pg. 2]
Gee democrats, WHAT HAPPENED to your 'party'?

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