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"We had them come armed because the law gave them a right to bear arms...."

Powers On The Stand

In his Own Defense, Admits
Bringing Mountain Army
To Frankfort.

Murder Was Not the Object
Prepared To Defend
himself Against

Seizure of Office, Taylor
Paid All Bills, So Said

   The defense in the Caleb Powers* case at Georgetown, Ky., opened its case and outlined its plan of procedure on last Monday As was expected the defense asked for peremptory instructions for acquittal which motion was promptly overruled by the Court.

   Judge E.T.Faulkner made the opening statement setting fourth a general denial of almost everything the Commonwealth claimed, except as to the gathering of the mountaineers which he claimed was a perfectly lawful and peaceful procedure and had nothing to do with the assassination.

   Powers then took the stand in his own defense and admitted having brought the mountaineers to Frankfort under instructions and with the assistance of W.S Taylor.

   Powers says there were three crowds of men brought to Frankfort and that he helped to bring each crowd. The first was while the Canvassing Board was in session. They came not as witnesses but to show their interest, but not as stated by Noaks, to intimidate. They were instructed not to crowd around the Canvassing Boards.

   The second crowd was summoned as witnesses in the contest cases and came from January 12 to 17.

   The third crowd was brought to Frankfort on January 25th to show their interest in the outcome of the contest. We had them come armed because the law gave them a right to bear arms openly and also to petition the legislature, and the authority for that can be found in subsection 6 and 7 in the Bill of Rights. Gov. Taylor told me he would pay the expenses of bringing the men and me to keep an account of the railroad fare, etc.

[Mount Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, KY., Friday, August 3, 1900. Volume XIV. Number 45 Pg. 1]
* - Caleb Powers, was the Secretary of State of Kentucky.

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