Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Correction to a George Washington Quotation....

   “At a time when our lordly masters in Great Britain will be satisfied with nothing less than the deprivation of American freedom, it seems highly necessary that something should be done to avert the stroke, and maintain the liberty, which we have derived from our ancestors. But the manner of doing it, to answer the purpose effectually, is the point in question.

   “That no man should scruple or hesitate a moment to use arms in defense of so valuable a blessing is clearly my opinion. Yet arms, I would beg leave to add, should be the last resource, the dernier resort.”–George Washington, April 5, 1769 letter to George Mason. [Life And Times Of Washington, Schroeder-Lossing, Revised, Enlarged, And Enriched: With A Special Introduction By Edward C. Towne, B.A. Volume II Albany New York M.M. Belcher Publishing Co. 1903 Pg. 541-42]

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