Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What we need is a real good house-cleaning....

   The present administration, as well as the whole 'democratic' party should be ashamed of themselves. For they have not only dishonored the heritage of our nation. But have concertedly and perversely attempted to destroy the whole fundamental basis of our country. They have deliberately cast aside our Constitution, as well as the rights which are secured by that Supreme Law. They have set at naught the "transcendent laws of nature and of nature's God". They have committed criminal acts against the sovereign authority of this nation. Which is of course - We The People. And have instead perversely attempted to raise the creature; government. Above its creator; We The People.

   To put it plainly, these criminals are guilty of treason. And are more than worthy of facing the fate of traitors. And what is worse, is that the republican party is equally as guilty as the democrats. It should be quite obvious to all that the whole body politic is corrupt from the head to the toe. And that we need to return to government under the Constitution. As well as the elimination of the 'party' system. What We The People really need is the intended CONSTITUTIONAL "system". We need to hit the reset switch NOW. Or, very soon there won't be any "reset switch" to hit. There won't even be any country left to pass on to our "posterity".

   These criminals need to be removed from office. From out of ALL branches of our governments; executive, judicial and legislative. And from all levels of American government; local, state and federal. They need to be charged with conspiracy to commit treason, and tried and sentenced in a newly revamped court system. The corrupt in all of the agencies, bureaus, and departments need to be flushed out and tried in court as well. The sentences then need to be publicly carried out, and broadcast so that they are remembered. The people that supported and upheld these traitors are equally guilty. The 'lobbyists', 'big business', 'media', and other 'special interest' groups are all co-conspirators. And are just as guilty of treason as those that they have bribed to do their bidding.

   We need a thorough house cleaning from top to bottom. Or soon there will be no house left to clean....

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