Thursday, January 29, 2015

Go get 'em Reverend!


   We inadvertently omitted to notice, heretofore, a most diabolical attempt which was made on the life of a highly respected fellow-citizen of our county. The Register of this city gives the following account of this shameful outrage: “A horrid attempt was made a few nights since, to assassinate the Rev. Josiah Crudup, formerly of this vicinity, but now a resident of the adjoining county of Granville. He was sitting in his own house, surrounded by his family, reading the President’s Message, when the report of fire-arms was heard, and at the same moment a window pane fell in, and a Rifle ball passing within a hair’s breadth of Mr. Crudup’s head, lodged in the opposite wall. Mr. C. with great presence of mind, immediately seized a loaded musket, and rushing to the door, fired in the direction in which retreating footsteps were heard.”

[The North-Carolina Standard, Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, January 12, 1842. Vol. VIII.--No. 376. Pg. 2]

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