Monday, February 09, 2015

More communists move to America....

According to The Daily Crescent, New Orleans, Friday Morning, December 1, 1848. Volume I. . . . . . Number 233. Pg. 3:
    Icarian Colony .—We mentioned some weeks since that the French colonists who settled in the Cross Timbers last year, had become discouraged and were about to return to France. It appears, however, that another colony, with more ample means, and of superior numbers, is soon to succeed them. It is stated that the third pioneer division of the Icarian Colony, under the guidance of M. Mazet, has started from Havre for the colony in Texas. The next division was to follow them in October. This company will be under the direction of M. Pepin. The colonists are well supplied with fire arms, provisions, etc., and will take with them a quantity of grain, garden seeds and agricultural implements. They will also bring some choice shepherd dogs. We infer from this that they intend to engage in the raising of sheep.
   [More like they intended to make American citizens "sheep".]

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