Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Civil War, brought on by the majority of the Democratic Party...

   Was not only about slavery. No, it was more about the labor of free people versus that of slaves. For it is impossible for the labor by those that are free to compete with those that are slaves. Much as like what we see today. For our industry here in the United States cannot compete against the use of, what can rightfully be considered as "slave" labor, in foreign countries.

   The founders knew that there would always be articles or merchandise which would need to be imported into the United States. And, they wisely provided for it in our Constitution. That for the good of the "general welfare", foreign articles and merchandise would have a duty or import tax imposed which would make imported goods competitively balance with those that were of domestic manufacture.

   These unfair trade practices must be corrected immediately. Or our nation will sink down even further into the abyss than we are already. Our survival as a nation absolutely depends upon it.

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