Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Democratic Party = Gun Control and Slavery....

#1 California - Democrat
#2 New Jersey - Democrat
#3 Massachusetts - Democrat
#4 New York - Democrat
#5 Connecticut - Democrat
#6 Hawaii - Democrat
#7 Maryland - Democrat
#8 Rhode Island - Democrat
#9 Illinois - Democrat
#10 Pennsylvania - Democrat

Federal 'Gun Control' laws:

1934 National Firearms Act - Democrat
1938 Federal Firearms Act - Democrat
1968 Gun Control Act - Democrat
1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act - Democrat

Slave States in the 1856 Presidentail Election:

Alabama - Democrat
Arkansas - Democrat
Delaware - Democrat
Florida - Democrat
Georgia - Democrat
Kentucky - Democrat
Louisiana - Democrat
Maryland - American [Fillmore - Opposed Abolition of Slavery]
Mississippi - Democrat
Missouri - Democrat
North Carolina - Democrat
South Carolina - Democrat
Tennessee - Democrat
Texas - Democrat 
Virginia - Democrat

   Almost all American 'gun control laws', (including "permits"), have their roots in Democrat 'laws' enacted in order to restrict or prohibit arms in the hands of slaves.
   “The right of suffrage is one of which every American citizen is justly proud. But this right is of no importance, if the power it confers is to be destroyed by the fraudulent votes of others. In what do the citizens of this country differ from the subjects of the despots of the old world? Mainly in the fact that they possess the right of suffrage, and the right to keep and bear arms in its defence. It is the right of suffrage and the right to bear arms, which principally distinguishes the freeman from the slave. It is by means of this right that the people govern–that they legislate for themselves, and execute the laws when made, through agents of their own choice. Take this right from us, and we are no longer free. Preserve it from fraud and corruption, and we never can be slaves.”–Gov. Wilson Shannon, December 8, 1840. [Democratic Standard, Georgetown, O., Tuesday, December 22, 1840. New Series.–Vol. I. No. 21. Pg. 4 – (Cont’d from Pg. 1)]
   The Democratice Party: Anti-Freedom, Anti-Liberty. Pro-Control, Pro-Big Government.

   How long is America going to continue being deceived by these obvious traitors?

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