Saturday, January 30, 2016

The people that seek [constitutionally repugnant] 'gun control' . . .

   Do so out of fear, ignorance, and guilt.

   Those that do so out of fear, do so because they themselves are cowardly and want others to "protect" them. And are both ashamed and discomforted by those that are confident and secure.

   They that are ignorant, do so because they have no idea what true freedom and liberty really mean. They have swallowed and believe the lie that government is there to provide for their security. What they don't realize, is that our governments were only instituted for the "common defense". And that it is not only the right, but the duty of the citizen to provide for their own defense - against all enemies, whether foreign or domestic.

   The ones that are motivated by guilt are the most dangerous. For they know that an armed people are confident and safe. And that if We The People ever really discover all of the crimes that they have committed while [supposedly] "serving" us. That we may very well rise up one day and make them pay for their crimes. They have planned, as well as even hoped, for that event however. For that would provide them the justification they need to finally crush out all remaining freedom and liberty here in America. But fortunately, many of their "enforcers" have awakened to their diabolical schemes. And many of them would join We The People in finally crushing the tyrants, instead of them crushing us.

   We are basically in a stalemate at present. And the side which utilizes the truth, and spreads it far and wide enough to defeat the lies. Is the side that will most likely achieve victory.

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