Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: We The People's insurance policy

   The right to keep and bear arms insures:

   That respect will be maintained between the governors and the governed.

   Between the law-abiding and the lawless.

   Between the worthy and the worthless.

   For a respectful fear provides a most powerful motivation to maintain actions within lawful bounds.

   Just as our governments have the threat of force in order to maintain law and order. We The People have the very same threat of force to insure that our governments maintain themselves.

   Which is the very reason that those that 'govern' use [unconstitutional] 'gun control laws'. So that they can slowly whittle down the numbers of those that would be able to resist them. And is of course always done under the guise of safety, and that it is for our own good. When in reality, the only "safety" they are concerned about is their own...

   The thought of hot lead, is the only thing that maintains fear in the cold heart of the tyrant.

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