Monday, January 04, 2016

Why didn't the [treasonous] supreme court recognize the "shall NOT be infringed" aspect of our right?

   The Usurpreme Kourt has recognized and half-assed admitted the pre-existing right of We The People to keep and bear arms. [Not so] Funny how they failed [once AGAIN] to address the "shall NOT be infringed" aspect concerning that right, ISN'T IT? They declared that the previous infringements have their blessing. And they are now refusing to hear anything more about new infringements. Thus the Kourt is proving that it is complicit in the conspiracy to deprive, bit by bit, We The People of our Constitutionally secured right.

   Do these lofty TRAITORS think that We The People are imbeciles?

   Do these hired servants in black robes actually think that We The People are fooled by their side-stepping treachery?

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